Meeting Summaries

March Meeting

posted Apr 10, 2013, 8:03 AM by Charlie Pennebaker

Date: March 14, 2013
Location: Matt's House
Members in Attendance: Ryan, Matt, Eliyah, Charlie, Darick
Potential New Members: Nick and Brandon

Club Business:
Beerstock - will occur July 20; it sounds like something we'd like to be involved with. Ryan has volunteered to be our club representative and will work on getting more information.

Meeting location - Eliyah offered to contact some places and see if he can find us a meeting place. If you have any suggestions, let him know.

Upcoming Tech Talks
April - Darick, Belgian sugar experiment
May - Charlie, water salts
June - Matt, off flavors
July - Eliyah, water chemistry
August - ?
September - ?
If you want to volunteer or have an idea for a topic, make it known.

Tech Talk
cleaning and sanitation discussion led by Darick

Brandon - Black IPA
Matt - Pale Ale, almost SMaSH beer
Eliyah - IPA
Ryan - Saison

November Meeting

posted Nov 27, 2012, 3:03 PM by Charlie Pennebaker

Hey folks, good to see you at the meeting Wednesday! Thank you again to Eliyah for hosting and for providing awesome snacks! :)

Here's the notes:

Roll Call:
Andrew- Present In Spirit
Ben - Not Present
Charlie - Not Present
Darick - Present
Eliyah - Present
Jason - Present
Matt - Present
Ryan - Present

* We met a new recruit, Steve Cook and introduced everyone all around. Steve is a big Belgian beer fan and it sounds like he has some great batches coming up soon!

* Steve talked a little bit about the Iron Brewer competition ( ) which sounds really cool. Something for us to consider looking into as we start to look towards competing.

* The topic of competitions was brought up, but not much said. It was mentioned that we should get back to the thread about it and certainly look towards competing. Cascade Brewers Cup was mentioned as coming up in March.

* We discussed who is taking over Andrew's position as WAHA manager. I had originally said I would do this but I have slacked. Matt mentioned that he might be able to handle the phone calls. Today Andrew and I got the email forwarding set up, so I am getting WAHA communication now. I'll be looking more into this in the next day or two and will work with Matt to see what can be handed off or shared.

* Ryan mentioned that he had spoken with Ben earlier and that while Ben couldn't make it to the meeting (cleaning a brewery or some crap!) Ben did bring up the topic of meeting at BBC. Sounds like this is something that is definitely on the table. Everyone seemed to agree that having a fixed "home" would be a nice change.

* We had a short discussion regarding water usage across various types of chillers and someone mentioned that Basic Brewing is currently doing some experiments focusing on exactly that. Worth checking out for anyone interested in the topic.

* I gave a short rambling talk about my GABF experiences. I wish I could have shared more, but I was quite drunk at GABF...

* We broke out the brown ale club project beers and got to sampling! Everyone had their beer with them aside from Steve, who was not part of the project at the time. I won't bother describing all the beers, but I did take some OG/FG notes and it should be noted that Ryan brought a second bottle of his beer which had been aged on oak for a few weeks and it was lovely.

Eliyah: 1.056 OG / 1.020 FG
Ryan: 1.058 OG / 1.013 FG
Darick: 1.056 OG / 1.013 FG
Matt: 1.054 OG / 1.012 FG
Jason: 1.054 OG / 1.020 FG

That's all the official notes! Let me know if I have missed anything.

The next meeting is scheduled for December 13th, 7:30pm, location TBD.

August Meeting

posted Aug 15, 2012, 3:25 PM by Charlie Pennebaker

* Ben volunteered to take on some of the new recruit management responsibilities. Thank you Ben!

* Charlie volunteered to take on some of the web stuff, like updating the web page with notes and pictures. Thank you Charlie!

* We discussed finally getting off our asses and doing a project brew. Thank you Darick for pushing this through.
It was decided that we will each brew an American Brown Ale to a specific specification and we'll see how each member's beer differs. The beer is due for the November meeting, so everyone has plenty of time to brew it. Keep it in mind!
See this thread for more information:

Tech Talk
For our tech talk / presentation I brought canned and bottled beers to do a side by side comparison.
We had one 12oz can and bottle each of:
Newcastle Brown Ale
Avery Ellie's Brown Ale
Fremont Summer Ale
New Belgium Ranger IPA

We did a blind taste test of each beer, one at a time, with one cup of can and one of bottle. Each member was asked to pick their completely subjective favorite sample for each beer and then we tabulated the results:
Screen Shot 2012-08-10 at 12.10.32 AM.png

June 2012

posted Aug 15, 2012, 3:21 PM by Charlie Pennebaker

Club General:

* We officially welcomed Eliyah to the club as this was his first meeting. Welcome Eliyah!

* We discussed that as we grow the idea of everyone bringing a beer to taste isn't really going to work any more due to time and drunkenness constraints. Two possibilities were suggested:

1. Pick a number of beers per meeting that would be acceptable and then have members volunteer / vote on who should bring one of those beers. Only sample those beers during the primary meeting but allow people to bring other beers for general enjoyment after the formal sampling session.

2. Allow anyone who wants to bring a beer to bring one and then split the club members into groups to sample. At the end of sampling, if one of the groups wants to share a beer because of some specific interest, share with the rest of the group. For instance, if 8 people bring beers we could split into two groups and each group could try four beers.

No decision was reached, so further discussion is needed.

One note that was made was that since we are growing it is no longer necessary to *always* bring a beer. If you don't have something that is really ready, there's no need to bring it just to have something. And there is no need to bring a commercial sample just so you brought something.

A forum topic will be created to discuss this further.

* Darick suggested a fruit sampling session where we could try different types of fruit that are often used to describe beers. I suggested that someone volunteer to do this as a tech talk and I will point out the tech talk volunteer thread after this message.

* We discussed doing a series of off flavor sample sessions. Ben is ordering an off flavor kit and has offered to share it. It was suggested that this be done outside of the normal club meetings due to the time it takes. We talked about the idea of having things like this happen on weekends and be considered club "Events" which are optional, where the normal monthly meeting is considered mandatory.

NHC General:

* Anyone who has not filled out the NHC beer spreadsheet needs to get it done ASAP. I think it might be only me that hasn't done it, and I will be after this message.

* We need a Google Docs spreadsheet of everything that needs to be done for NHC that we can update and keep track of. I will create that and distribute the link after this message.

* We need to figure out what all is involved with keg dropoff and plan for that. We may need to drop kegs at someones house in the days leading up to NHC and then have someone take them all at once.

* Need to figure out keg labeling. Eliyah has just sent a lot of info to the mailing list about this. Ben has some great plastic labels we can use that are very tough and would be good for identifying our stuff.

* Charlie generously offered to taxi folks around some during NHC.

NHC Club Night / Booth:

* I need to get the dimensions of my monitor to Charlie for the fireplace facade. Will send today.

* We need to get the dimensions of the "dogs playing poker" poster to Charlie so he can frame it. Need to find this artwork and discuss with Andrew about getting it printed to determine what the size will be.

* We need the measurements of the jockey boxes so Charlie can build the facade. I have just spoken with Andrew and he should be getting those while in Hood River this weekend.

* It was suggested that we offer the jockey box facade(s) back to Matt as a thank you for loaning us the jockey boxes. We'll think more on this as NHC approaches.

* We tentatively planned to meet at my house on Saturday the 16th or Sunday the 17th to dry run the booth and finalize anything booth related. This is mostly dependent on my schedule, and on Charlie's but anyone who wants to help out is welcome. Charlie, please let me know what day works best for you or if we need to reschedule entirely. This could be done on a weeknight no problem.

* Sunday the 17th was set as a target date to have everything for the booth done and ready to go.

* Ryan showed a picture of his table, and it looks perfect for the booth. Ryan, if we are going to use it I will need to get it to my house sometime before the 17th. I can come pick it up with my truck if needed.

* There was some discussion on what we should wear during club night. Flannel (in whatever configuration works best for people) was suggested and generally approved.

Beer Sampling:

Charlie brought a Fullers London Pride clone and a Fullers ESB close, both made from a parti-gyle brew.
Ryan brought his Every Hop Pale Ale made from the remains of our hop tasting session, and a second bottle that had been infused with spruce essence.
Jason brought his Bourbon Barrel Vanilla Porter.
Ben brought his Wee Heavy.
Darick brought a sour wheat beer made with wheat and acidulated malt, and a second 100% wheat made using a sour mash.

May 2012

posted May 16, 2012, 11:20 AM by Andrew R

Pike Collab Brew:
With Spruce Tips being the only real suggestion we've had we decided to try to go with that.

Hop Stoopid:
Lagunitas is asking people to brew Hop Stoopid clones for NHC and they are going to have a party / meetup on Thursday before NHC to judge them and announce a winner. We decided we'd like to try to participate in this so we're going to brew a 5 gallon batch on May 13th at Charlie's house in West Seattle. More details to come this week.

NHC General:
We need a banner for the front of the booth. We'll use the banner logo and Charlie said he might have a hookup for getting it made.

Andrew volunteered to supply a CO2 system for our beer serving.

We need to nail down a schedule for when we'll get the jockey boxes so that we have a little bit of time to integrate them into the booth and modify them to be corny compatible.

NHC Booth:
We decided to have a booth building party and scheduled it for May 5th, 9am at Jason's house. This has now already happened and we got the four walls built and supplies to build the facade. Charlie has volunteered to build the facade once we know more about the jockey boxes. He has also volunteered himself and his wife to paint the booth walls and they will be delivered to him on the 12th. Thanks Charlie!

Andrew volunteered to print artwork for the walls of the booth if I get him the files, which I will. Thanks Andrew!

NHC Beer:
We decided to create a forum topic to keep track of what beers we have for NHC and how much, from each member.

Technical Talk:
We didn't have a specific tech talk to talk about. We chatted a lot about the above topics and Ben's experiences in beer school. Ben has volunteered to discuss his trip at the next meeting, and that will be the talk.

Charlie: IPA
Andrew: Heady Topper (Commercial)
Ben: Aventinus Weizen Isebock (Commercial)
Jason: Kolsch

April 2012

posted Apr 15, 2012, 10:31 AM by Andrew R

  • We discussed the club's history and a little bit of it's future.
  • Questions were raised regarding how big we eventually wanted to grow and what kind of attendance is expected from people. We spitballed that a member count of 20-30 might be comfortable and that people should try for at least a 75% attendance rate. None of this is set in stone.
  • We talked about the club being very focused on NHC for now, but that once that is past we would be looking for new things to focus on. Competitions and events are to be considered.
  • We took an informal poll of what beers people might be interested in bringing to NHC.
    • Jason: Bourbon Barrel Vanilla Porter, Belgian Golden Strong, American Pale Ale.
    • Andrew: India Export Porter, California Common (Commoner), Black IPA, NZ SMASH.
    • Ryan: Amber Mild, Saison.
    • Charlie: Breakfast Stout, Schwarzbier.
  • We discussed the possibility of doing a Big Brew and decided to discuss further on the forum. I will create a thread for that when this post is done.
  • We talked at length about the club night booth and checked out my 3D model of the idea. Some modifications were made. I will post the 3D rendering to the booth thread and we'll take it from there.
  • Darick presented information about his Brew In A Bag experiences and I see he has already posted the notes to Process and Techniques. Thanks Darick!
  • We drank beer!
    • Charlie: Scotch Ale w/ Scotch.
    • Darick: Scotch Ale, Saison w/ Brett.
    • Jason: Belgian Golden Strong.
    • Ryan: IPA. (Regular IPA, or did I forget something?)
    • Andrew: NW Pale Ale w/ NZ Hops (Pale, or IPA?)

March 2012

posted Mar 8, 2012, 1:40 PM by Andrew R   [ updated Mar 8, 2012, 7:56 PM ]

NHC Club night planning.  Planned for future club project of taking a commercial beer with known grain bill (but unknown grist ratio) and everyone try to brew their own interpretation of the beer.  Muligan taken by Ryan on a technical presentation for this month.  Tasting and "Can you brew it?" comparison of Jason's Belgian Golden Ale and North Coast Brewing PranQster Belgian Golden Ale.  Ryan's Rye Stout side-by-side comparison.  One fermented with Nottingham Ale Yeast and the other with Wyeast Limited 1581 Belgian Stout Yeast.  Andrew had his first attempt at a Rye beer (MLK Rye IPA) and continued his quest at eluding Ryan's pining for his original Hoppy California Common recipe.

February 2012

posted Mar 8, 2012, 1:33 PM by Andrew R   [ updated Mar 8, 2012, 1:40 PM ]

Malt tea presentation by Andrew.  Tasting and brutal analysis of Ryan's young Rye beer.  Comparative taste of Andrew's 10 gallon batch of Porter that was split into two five gallon beers.  One fermented with WLP007 and the other with WLP013.  Jason brought a commercial calibration beer that knocked everyone on their ass.  Boulevard's Bourbon Barrel Quad.  Cherries in a beer but not a kriek.  Quite interesting!

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