About Our Club

Emerald City Homebrewers is a homebrewing club primarily focused on education in all areas of beer brewing.  The environment we foster is one where any question can be asked with overall goal of continuing improvement and mastery of the craft.

Our meetings are structured, with an agenda, and generally include club business, a technical discussion presented by a member followed by beer sampling and critical feedback. Our sampling sessions and feedback are "no holds barred" with a focus on helping members find ways to improve process, consistency, quality and taste.

We have meetings on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30pm with location rotating between members' homes as available. We try to keep meetings to three hours or less, but they generally run long once the beer starts flowing!

If you are interested in attending a meeting and seeing what we are all about, please fill out the "Join Our Club" form on the left and we'll be in touch!