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It's never too early - Engaging the youths at the Canadian International School

posted Jun 23, 2017, 2:14 AM by Ambert Ang   [ updated Jun 27, 2017, 11:41 PM ]

Approached by a trio of Grade 6 students from the Canadian International School (Singapore), Associate Professor Peter Todd was asked for an interview to share his knowledge regarding the degradation of the marine environment. These students contacted us on their own initiative as part of their Final Year school project. They were tasked to research on any topic that interests them and were encouraged to get in touch with a primary source concerning their chosen topic. An excellent approach for getting students to be more engaged!

Associate Professor Todd was subsequently invited to give a talk at their school on 18 May 2017 as they felt that their peers would be interested to learn more about the work carried out in the Experimental Marine Ecology Lab. During this outreach session, A/P Todd described the coastal habitats in Singapore and changes to the coastline over the years, highlighting the current prevalence of seawalls as well as the lab’s work concerning the ecological enhancement of seawalls to increase biodiversity, which is led primarily by Dr Lynette Loke. Other topics discussed during the session include EMEL’s core research on giant clams, crabs, corals, seagrasses and coastal urbanization.

We were pleased to see the students actively engaging with our boss throughout the session and bombarding him with a wide range of questions! The students were so excited that we ended up holding a fan signing session for them! Some of the students even expressed their aspirations to become marine biologists when they grow up, putting a smile on all our faces and proving that it is never too early for marine science.

Written by Tan Wen Ting, 21 June 2017