The Liberia Emergency Medicine Elective

JFK Hospital is Liberia's largest teaching hospital. During this rotation, you will be providing critical emergency medical care, teaching Liberian physicians-in-training and nursing staff, and assisting with the post-conflict reconstruction of this hopeful nation.You will have the opportunity to work with the exceptional faculty, interns, students, and nursing staff of the JFK Hospital. The documents here will orient you to working at JFK, provide clinical reference materials, and complete the requirements of the rotation including the assigned readings and evaluations. There are numerous challenges to be faced, but we hope that your time here will be rewarding and productive.

All the best
- The HEARTT Team
(Health Education and Relief Through Teaching)

Please note that this site is not longer being actively edited and should not be considered definitive with regards to current medical management in Liberia. The situation in Liberia has obviously changed since much of this site was built in 2009-2012. I have, however, kept the page available for users as I have had many requests for the content. I cannot confirm any of the contact information for individuals listed on this site. I hope that you find some utility in the information here and am happy to receive any feedback you might have. Regards, Braden Hexom.

Getting to JFK Hospital
  • A Checklist of all the forms and pre-departure materials you need to complete before you go to Liberia. Please complete this 2-3 months before your departure.

    • An orientation guide to the clinical responsibilities and day-to-day operations of the JFK Hospital Emergency Department, including important reference materials and management guidelines. Familiarize yourself with the guide and references prior to your departure, and consult them frequently while on the ground.

    Tropical Medicine & Post-Conflict Reconstruction

    • A requirement of the rotation is to complete this self-study curriculum. The readings and test materials are designed to aid in your understanding of tropical disease and post-conflict reconstruction.

    Living in Liberia

    • Some links to nearby restaurants, beaches, shopping areas, and other suggestions to help make your experience a memorable one.