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Blood Collection Services - Quality & Patient Safety

Blood collection at EMC: An update to patients

EMC is working with a professional dedicated team to make blood collections an easier process for patients while maintaining the highest level of quality and patient safety. We understand that waiting to have blood drawn can be frustrating. Our blood collection Services is the solution to gain time, for your consultation or for a simple biology follow up or check.

All tests results are checked and explained to you by ours Doctors in Consultation or by eMail or Phone Call if you don’t need to see a Doctor.

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Pharmacy Home Delivery
Home Delivery is least expensive way to fill prescriptions. You can get up to a 90-day prescription for most drugs. Supervised by a Certified French Pharmacist we assume to maintain a high level of quality and patient safety.

Home Delivery Advantages

It's safe and easy to use. 
Request refills by mail, phone, or online
Recommended for prescriptions you take regularly
You can even use it when you're traveling or if you move