Emcee is designed to run under Windows 10, 8 or 8.1, but it is a desktop application, not a Windows Store "Immersive" application.  Despite this, Emcee integrates control of desktop applications and Windows 10 and Windows 8 Apps in a single, consistent tool.
The current Emcee versions are 3.6.5 for Windows 10, 3.4.2 for Windows 8 or 8.1, and Emcee7 version 2.3.14 for Windows Vista and 7, and has been tested with Windows 8 versions up to and including Windows 8.1 Update and with Windows 10.  As new versions are created to fix bugs or incorporate new features, they will be available for download on this website.   Your Emcee License will remain valid if you install any of these updates, and you should not need to re-enter the license information after updating.   But, just in case, keep a copy of your license key in a secure location.
Download the Documentation & Release Notes 
Describes the keyboard actions & mouse gestures you can use with Emcee, and also how to customize Emcee appearance and behavior using the Emcee Settings Editor.
Provides details about how to install Emcee and activate your license.   Also included is a full copy of the Emcee Common Sense License Agreement, which you will have to agree to when installing the program.
Thank you for using Emcee.   Enjoy!
List the changes & fixes implemented in each release.
Privacy Policy

When you purchase Emcee you provide an email address and receive a license key via an email to that address.   When you activate Emcee you will be asked to type in that license key and that email address, and they are stored on your computer.   When Emcee validates your license key, this information is transmitted across the internet to the license server and backup license data base.   These transmissions are accomplished securely, using the https and or smtp with SSL protocols.

As described in the program manual, Emcee stores its settings information in a file located on your computer, and periodically writes a small log file.  In addition, Emcee creates temporary "batch" files whenever you change the "Start at Log On" option using the Settings Editor.   All of these files are created and stored only in the
%LOCALAPPDATA%/Emcee      or      %LOCALAPPDATA%/Emcee7
directory, depending on which version of Emcee you are running.

Other than those files, the license key and the licensing email address, Emcee stores or transmits no other information.