Touchscreen, Touchpad, Mouse or Keyboard Control
Great on Tablets, Laptops, Desktops or Convertibles

Emcee's Thumbnail View ...
  • Integrate desktop programs and Modern Apps into a single view.
  • Labelled thumbnails of desktop windows appear in "stacks" in the upper portion.
  • Labelled thumbnails of full-height Modern Apps appear on an AppBar along the bottom.  Or, if you prefer, don't use the app-bar, use normal thumbnails for modern apps.
  • Control Emcee with touchscreen, touchpad, keyboard, mouse, or a combination.

From the thumbnail view you can 
  • Activate and "bring to the front" any app, desktop or Modern.
  • Close any app window, desktop or Modern.
  • Rearrange desktop windows.
  • Minimize, arrange or show desktop and Modern windows, all or only one.
  • Zoom in for a full-size preview  of desktop  or Modern windows.
  • Expand a stack or the AppBar: zoom all thumbnails to a larger size. (see below).

A Powerful Settings Editor ...
  • Customize mouse and keyboard activation requirements.
  • Hotkey customization.
  • Control layout of desktop and Modern thumbnails.
  • Change background color.
  • Control animations.
  • Define the makeup of "stacks."  For instance, "all browsers," or "all Office programs."
  • Exclude applications from thumbnail view as needed.
  • Manage licensing.