Setup Issues and Errors

Starting DBO:

         NOTE:  When upgrading, install in a new directory and change to a new workspace. This will resolve all the following issues:

                Missing menu icons like Load Editor. 
                Restart DB Optimizer with a new workspace that hasn't been used. 
                DB Optimizer is based on Eclipse. Eclipse uses the menu setup stored in the workspace. 
                If using a workspace previously used by an older version that didn't have the menus then they won't show up.

"JVM terminated. Exit code=-1"

could be memory issue. 
change the values in dboptimizer.ini (located in the root directory of the DB Optimizer install)

The lines of interest are -Xms128m and -Xmx512m
     -Xms   The initial heap size available for the Java VM
     -Xmx The maximum heap size available for the Java VM
To up the available memory to 1GB say, modify these two lines to read:

For some installs the following might work and be more flexible on memory constraints
-vm  jre6\bin\javaw.exe 
The argument "-vm" will have to be changed depending on the location of javaw.exe on the user's machine.

                       "Unable to read workbench state. Workbench UI layout will be reset"
                       "Error opening the editor.
                         No editor descriptor for id
                       If you had an earlier version of DB Optimizer, make sure it's installed in a different directory and that the workspace is different.

"Cannot restore workbench layout." 
If you have already installed the beta version of DB Optimizer 1.5 you will  get an error about the workspace not being compatible. You will have to change the default workspace or clear out the old one. By default it is
C:\Documents and Settings\USER\dboptimizer\workspace
Where “USER” is your logon user. This is prompted for at startup time and easily modifiable or it can be changed after starting by choosing the menu
  “File->Switch Workspace->Other…”  

No data returned when running queries in SQL Editor 
                          If 1.5 beta was installed but never de-installed, then de-install the beta and re-install the production version

At startup, after accepting the workspace directory, the application never opens and the dboptimizer.exe runs in the backgrounds "spinning"
Choose a different workspace when the workspace is prompted for. An easy option would be to add the days date for example "workspace090520". DB Optimizer will create this new workspace directory and it should startup. Development is investigating this issue


".oar" file comaptibility
Profiler .oar files are not compatible between 1.0 and 1.5. In order to read both types, 1.0 and 1.5, both versions of DBO must be installed.
".oar" files, attching to datasource
Profiler .oar files can only be connected to same version of database up to the two major numbers like Oracle 10.2 OAR can't be open with Oracle 10.1

When click on Profiling icon, the profiling wizard comes up instead of just profiling the target
If no target has been clicked on in the data source explorer then clicking the profiling icon will bring up the wizard. If a data source has been clicked on and connected to in the data source explorer then the profiling will profile the last data source clicked on (as long is it is connected)

Contacting Support

    Log files:
         DB Optimizer log files by default are in (the [workspace]/.metadata/.log file)
                C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\dboptimizer\workspace
        to verify this location choose menus
                 File -> switch workspace
         which will popup a window with the current workspace directory
        Zip this directory and send it to support whenever getting unusual errors

    Additional Debugging
99% of the new information just all gets sent to the error log (the [workspace]/.metadata/.log file).
The other 1% are mostly error messages we receive from the target database that are now shown in our UI .
To turn on the timing diagnostics and debug, a user would edit the
which is in the install directory, for example
C:\Program Files\Embarcadero\DB Optimizer 1.5
 add this line to the bottom and then restart the application: