Command Line Options

The command line options 

 profiling :

dboptimizer.exe profile ds:<data source> duration:< minutes> tofile:<file.oar> <overwrite>


dboptimizer.exe profile ds:romlaborcl8i_1 duration:120 tofile:c:\testtest.oar overwrite

           NOTE: duration was measured in seconds in DB Optimizer 1.5. Starting in DB Optimizer 1.5.1 it is measured in minutes

 tuning :

dboptimizer.exe tune ds:<data source> sqlfile:<path to sql file> tofile:<tuning job save file.tun> <overwrite>


dboptimizer.exe tune ds:romlaborcl8i_1 sqlfile:c:\sqlfile.sql tofile:c:\testtest.tun overwrite

Requirements :

-    The specified data source has to be already registered, with correct credentials.
-    There has to be a previous workspace for the DBOptimizer.
-    The files have to be correct. If the overwrite option is in the script, the save file will be overwritten.

NOTE: command line mode starts a task DBO but DBO remains active after after the task has been finished, so if DBO is being run multiple times to profile a database, the successive executions will fail unless someone has made the previous execution exit by hand.
Add command line options is planned to optionally have DBO exit automatically after the task is finished.