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 Bella Mommie Maternity 
Massage & Yoga Therapy, Watsu and Spa services for the Childbearing Year.
Birth Doula Services, Childbirth Preparation, Labor Massage & Infant Massage Instruction

New Location! In the Home of Sol Healing and Wellness Center
www.solhealing.com 13805 Ann Place Austin, Tx.78728

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Summer Greenlees, LMT, CYT, MTI, 
Star-Doula, MT021228
Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Doula and Licensed Massage Therapy Instructor with 19 years practice and specialized training including Yoga and Body-Work for the Child-Bearing Year, Professional Labor and Childbirth Support, Infant Massage Instruction, Labor Massage Instruction for Birth Partners, Yoga Therapy, Aquatic Bodywork and Advanced Yoga Studies.



Featured Treatments
  • Yoga Therapy: Yoga is a powerfully therapeutic modality in which you are an active participant in your wellness care session. The first session includes a thorough intake process. After each session you are given yoga therapy "homework", or suggestions which give you tools to use for your everyday wellness. 
  • Prenatal & Postnatal Massage Therapy: Massage Therapy and Bodywork for the childbearing year to reduce and prevent the common discomforts of pregnancy and postpartum. Massage therapy during Pregnancy helps to relieve and soothe the expecting mom's aches or discomforts while nurturing her and preparing her for Labor and Delivery. Postnatal Massage helps mom to recover from birth, and helps her to return to pre pregnancy physiology while soothing the common postpartum discomfort and aches. 
  • Massage Therapy for Everyone!: Massage therapy is relaxing and therapeutic for people of all ages and fitness levels. Your massage will be adjusted to meet your specific needs and requests; from relaxing sweedish massage to deep tissue therapeutic massage, your massage will be custom- designed for you! 
  • Warm Hydrotherapy: (No Extra Charge)Soothing Hot washcloths and hot towels for feet and hands bring the deeply soothing and relaxing benefit of warm water to your massage experience. In Addition, I am featuring the use of my large hot water bottle which lays perfectly flat and smooth on the surface on the massage table, when the weather is cold. 
  • Aromatherapy: (No Extra charge) I always use aromatherapy in our sessions, Please feel free anytime to inquire about my selection of essential oils to find your favorite smell for your session. 

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