Linux tool to generate different Ethernet packet types PACKETH tool

PackEth  tool is really very useful tool in generating different Ethernet packet types.  We can generate different Ethernet -II, Ethernet 802.3 , VLAN packets and QinQ packets also.

We can generate ARP, IPV4 with user defined network layer payload. This can be used if we don't have many devices to send ARP requests or we want to simulate ARP requests / Reply from many users.

This also allows us to send UDP, TCP, ICMP, IGMP protocols also with user defines payload. We can change the port no and simulate the users. In recent versions they are supporting IPV6 also.

If you want to test vlan in your device and want to generate different tag packets you can use this tool in linux pc and generate different tag packets. This tool is a must for anyone working in this field. When you work in this tool you will know packet wise which field is used for what purpose.

You can get hold of this tool from :