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Would you like to be a participant in one of our studies?

We regularly collect data online. So if you would like to contribute to our research, you can do so either by directly following one of the links below and filling in the online questionnaire, or by signing up for future studies. Your help is very much appreciated! And you can also win one of many Amazon vouchers.

Future Studies
If you would like to sign up for future studies, please fill in the following sheet or send an email to mk81(at)st-andrews.ac.uk.

Sign-up as a participant

Do you have questions about participation? Just send an email to mk81(at)st-andrews.ac.uk.

Thanks for your participation!

We would like to thank Martin McCaffery, Lucinda Wing, Matthew Leonard, Abbie Corlett, Bianca M. A. Morris, Katie Henderson, Peter Stebbing, Tammy French, Lucy Spencer, Eva Chamberlain, Novella Mooney, Kerry Nicol, Liza Tonner, Samantha Douse, George Nicol, Shell McIntosh, Daryl Haynes, Barbara Boyne, Wendy Houldsworth, Andrew Houldsworth, Adam Malcolm, Katyia Granton, Edward Morgan, Susannah Perkins, Peter Gowler, Caitlin Hamilton, and our many anonymous participants.

Until now, 567 people have participated in our research project. We would like to thank all of you for sharing your embarrassing moments with us and for answering our questions honestly.

Our research is also supported by the Fife People's Panel - if you are a resident in Fife, please have a look at the opportunities for voicing your opinions the panel offers you