This is the Homepage of a
Leverhulme-funded Research Project on the Social Psychology of Embarrassment at the School of Psychology,
University of St Andrews

N.B.: This project ended February 2012

Principal Investigator: Dr Anja Eller
Post-doc Researcher: Dr Miriam Koschate

Our main focus is the impact of the audience on embarrassment.

Although we all get embarrassed from time to time, some people or groups may elicit more embarrassment than others. We will try to find out who these people are and, in particular, to which groups they belong.

Are we more or less embarrassed when faced by people of our own nationality or by foreigners?

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Will they feel embarrassed on our behalf or laugh at us when we are in a predicament?

Does contact with other groups and their members (e.g. other cultures) change how embarrassed we get if we violate norms that are not ours?

And how do people show to their own social group that they are sorry for behaving in an embarrassing way?