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I survived Vista SP1!!!! I just finished the install, which probably took an hour and a half including download, and had no problems at all.  My home server was ready just incase, but luckily no restore was needed.


Older post can now be found in the archive section.

I have just recently switched jobs, which is the reason for the lack of any new development.  Hopefully I will have time to make some improvement soon.  If not I am considering releasing it as an open source project so new features can continue to be added.


I have made a few updates to fix the problem of 2 hard drives appearing under one drive when they are the same model. 

Please try out and let me know what you think. 

Note:  You should just have to update the add-in on the server, no changes to the client side service were made.



David Hettel has given me the following detailed instructions for installing the client service with Vista.  I hop the clarify things and help get a few more people using the service.

Thanks David.

1. Simply go to the client info folder on your home server under the software share folder.

2. Right click on installservice.bat and choose run as Administrator the Client Info Service will be installed to your computer.

3. On the new pop up window enter a username and password for the service using an account on the client computer using the <computer name>\<username> format.

Several people  had a lot of trouble at this point, getting the computer name and user name and password to take. Keep trying this is probably some Vista problem or passwords being mistyped.

4. The account the services is running under must have permission to save files to the client info folder under the software share. ie. if you can go to Shared Folders then Software with out entering a password you should be fine.

5. All files are copied to a client info folder under program files. If you wish to change the refresh rate, update the config file named ClientInfoService.exe.config and restart the service.

6. If you are using the client service, do not use the query clients button. Just use the Refresh button to update the info.


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