Emanuel Vespa

UC San Diego

Department of Economics

9500 Gilman Dr. #0508

La Jolla, CA 92093-0508


Working Papers

  1. (with Ignacio Esponda) Contingent Thinking and the Sure-Thing Principle: Revisiting Classic Anomalies in the Laboratory (R&R Review of Economic Studies) (procedures appendix)

  2. (with Ignacio Esponda and Sevgi Yuksel) Mental Models and Learning: The Case of Base-Rate Neglect (R&R American Economic Review) (procedures)

  3. (with Taylor Weidman and Alistair Wilson) Testing Models of Strategic Uncertainty: Equilibrium Selection in Repeated Games (R&R Journal of the European Economic Association)

  4. (with Alistair Wilson) Paired-Uniform Scoring: Implementing a Binarized Scoring Rule with Non-mathematical Language

  5. (with Alistair Wilson) Experimenting with Equilibrium Selection in Dynamic Games (instructions)

Published and Forthcoming

  1. Alistair Wilson and Emanuel Vespa (2020). Information Transmission Under the Shadow of the Future: An Experiment, AEJ: Microeconomics. 12.4, 75-98. (appendices)

  2. Salz, Tobias and Emanuel Vespa (2020). Estimating Dynamic Games of Oligopolistic Competition: An Evaluation in the Laboratory, RAND Journal of Economics. 51(2), 447-469.

  3. Vespa, Emanuel (2020). An Experimental Investigation of Cooperation in the Dynamic Common Pool Game, International Economic Review. 61.1, 417-440. (online appendix)

  4. Vespa, Emanuel and Alistair Wilson (2019). Experimenting with the Transition Rule in Dynamic Games (instructions), Quantitative Economics. 10.4, 1825-1849.

  5. Fudenberg, Drew and Emanuel Vespa (2019). Learning Theory and Heterogeneous Play in a Signaling-Game Experiment, AEJ: Microeconomics. 11.4, 186-215.

  6. Martínez-Marquina, Alejandro, Muriel Niederle, and Emanuel Vespa (2019). Failures in Contingent Reasoning: The Role of Uncertainty, American Economic Review. 109.10, 3437-3474. (online appendix; instructions)

  7. Esponda, Ignacio and Emanuel Vespa (2018). Endogenous Sample Selection: A Laboratory Study, Quantitative Economics. 9.1, 183-206. (supplementary material)

  8. Fréchette, Guillaume and Emanuel Vespa (2017). The Determinants of Voting In Multilateral Bargaining Games. Journal of the Economic Science Association. 3, 26-43. (supplementary material; data)

  9. Agranov, Marina, Guillaume Fréchette, Thomas Palfrey and Emanuel Vespa (2016). Static and Dynamic Underinvestment: An Experimental Investigation. Journal of Public Economics, 143, 125-141. (supplementary material; data)

  10. Vespa, Emanuel and Alistair Wilson (2016). Communication With Multiple Senders: An Experiment. Quantitative Economics. 7.1, 1-36. (supplementary material)

  11. Vespa, Emanuel (2016). Malapportionment and Multilateral Bargaining: An Experiment. Journal of Public Economics. 133, 64-74. (supplementary material)

  12. Esponda, Ignacio and Emanuel Vespa (2014). Hypothetical Thinking and Information Extraction in the Laboratory. AEJ: Microeconomics. 6.4, 180-202. (supplementary material and data)

Work in Progress

(with Alistair Wilson) Competition and Communication: An Experiment

(with Georg Weizsäcker) Do we talk too much?

(with Muriel Niederle) Stable Risk Preferences?

(with Ted Bergstrom) Living Supply and Demand Curves