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Professor,Département de sciences économiques, Université de Montréal

Director, CIREQ Centre interuniversitaire de recherche en économie quantitative

Université de Montréal 
3150, rue Jean-Brillant, bureau C-6084 
C.P. 612
succursale Centre-ville 
Montréal (Québec) H3C 3J7

emanuela.cardia @ umontreal.ca
Tel : (514) 343-2449 

Working Papers
  •  The Household Revolution: Childcare, Housework, and Female Labor Force Participation (with P. Gomme), July 17 2013 REVISED VERSION
    • Sectoral Price Rigidity and Aggreate Dynamics (with H. Bouakez and F. Ruge-Murcia), May 2013 REVISED VERSION
    •  Does the Crowding-In Effect of Public Spending on Private Consumption Undermine Neoclassical Models? (with S. Ambler and H. Bouakez),  February 2010.      


    • Durable Goods, Inter-Sectoral Linkages, and Monetary Policy (with H. Bouakez et F. J. Ruge-Murcia), forthcoming in the .Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control
    • The Transmission of Monetary Policy in a Multi-Sector Economy  (with H. Bouakez and F. J. Ruge-Murcia), International Economic Review 50(4), 2009, 1243-1266. 
    • Habit Formation and the Persistence of Monetary Shocks (with H. Bouakez and F. J. Ruge-Murcia), Journal of Monetary Economics 52(6), 2005, 1073-1088. link
    • International Business Cycles : What are the Facts? (with S. Ambler and C. Zimmermann), Journal of Monetary Economics 51(2),  2004, 257-276. 
    • Altruism, Intergenerational Transfers of Time and Bequests (with P. Michel), Journal of Economic, Dynamics and Control 28(8),  2004, 1681-1701.
    • International Transfers of Time and Childcare (with S. Ng), Review of Economic Dynamics 6, 2003, 431-454.
    • Distortionary Taxation and Labor Supply (with N. Kozhaya and F.J. Ruge-Murcia), Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 35(3), 2003, 351-373.
    • International Transmission of the Business Cycle in a Multi-Sector Model (with S. Ambler and C. Zimmermann), European Economic Review 46, 2002, 273-300.
    • Export Promotion, Learning by Doing and Growth (with S. Ambler and J. Farazli), Journal of Economic, Dynamics and Control 23, 1999, 747-772.
    • The Cyclical Behavior of Wage and Profits under Imperfect Competition (with S. Ambler), Canadian Journal of Economics 31, 1998, 148-164.
    • Replicating Ricardian Equivalence Tests with Simulated Series, American Economic Review  87, 1997, 65-79.
    • Optimal Government Spending in a Business Cycle Model (with S. Ambler), in Should We Rebuild Built-In Stabilizers,  Jean-Olivier Hairault, Pierre-Yves Hénin and Franck Portier, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1997, 31-53.
    • On Export Promotion and Growth (with S. Ambler and J. Farazli), Canadian Journal of Economics 29, 1996, S366-S370.
    • The Effects of Fiscal Policies in a General Equilibrium Model with Nominal Wage Contracts, Economics Letters 49, 1995, 69-75.
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    • A Comment on 'The Macroeconomics of Government Budget Cuts', in Deficit Reduction: What Pain, What Gain?, William B.P. Robson and William M. Scarth, Policy Study 23, C.D. Howe Institute, 1994, 225-230.
    • Contrats de salaire, croissance endogène et fluctuations (with S.Ambler and L. Phaneuf), in Macroéconomie: développements récents,  Pierre Malgrange et Lise Salvas, Paris, Éditions Economica, 1993, 175-203. Also in L'Actualté économique / Revue d'analyse économique 68, 1992, 175-204.
    • Optimal Anti-Inflation Programs in Semi-Industrialized Economies: Orthodox versus Heterodox Policies (with S. Ambler), Journal of Development Economics 36, 1992, 41-61.
    • Crowding Out in Open Economies, Canadian Journal of Economics 25, 1992, 708-728.
    • The Dynamics of a Small Open Economy in Response to Monetary, Fiscal and Productivity Shocks, Journal of Monetary Economics 28, 1991, 411-434.


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