Summer Strawberry Mojitos


serves one drink

2-3 Oz White Rum.
10-15 Mint Leaves, depending on size.
2 Frozen Strawberries, thawed (Or sub 2 Fresh if seasonally available to you) + 1 Fresh.
1/2 Oz Organic Cane Sugar Simple Syrup (or sub agave nectar; local honey).
1/2 Can Soda Water (or if you want to get really crazy, ginger beer).
1 Lime for Juice with 1 Thin Round Cut Out.
Ice Cubes.

What to Do:

Place the mint, lime juice, simple syrup, strawberries, and rum in a martini shaker (or mason jar).

Taking a wooden pestle (or a wooden spoon) massage/muddle the mint into the bottom of the container up to 15 turns to release the oils from the mint.

Toss in some ice, cover and shake well to combine. Give it a good 15 seconds or so of hard vertical shaking action.

Pour into a chilled serving glass and top up with soda water or ginger beer.

Garnish with a straw, lime round and the last strawberry.

Drink baby drink.

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