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How to Delete Your Gmail Profile Photo

đăng 17:55, 16 thg 2, 2017 bởi Vicki Padila

A Gmail Profile photo is an image or picture that you upload on your Google account. If you are familiar with a Facebook Profile photo, then you should know how a Gmail profile picture looks like. You can upload a snapshot of your face or any picture that acts like an avatar.
However, when it comes to deleting your Gmail account picture, you may face stubborn issues. In most cases, when you try to delete the profile photo through normal settings in your Gmail account, the photo does not go away.

In order to delete the photo via Gmail settings, log into your account and click the wheel icon under your profile picture. Go to Settings in the drop-down menu. On the settings menu under General, scroll down to My Picture. Click Change Picture. After clicking this option, a box will pop up. On the box, select No Picture, and click Apply Changes. This method is supposed to remove your photo and show a default setting with no picture, but when you go back to your account to check your profile, the photo may still be there. If this is the case, you should go to the location where your profile photo is actually hosted to delete it from the servers.

Pictures that you upload on your Google profile as well as those on your Blogger account are hosted on Picasa. Picasa is an image hosting company that was acquired by Google a long time ago when Google was still an upcoming company. It is a service where people can upload their pictures for free, for example you can upload your travel photos and share them with friends.

How To Change Gmail Password

đăng 17:51, 16 thg 2, 2017 bởi Vicki Padila

Sign in to Gmail.
After sign in, click on the profile picture at the top right of your Gmail account. Choose "Settings" option on the drop down menu.
Click on "Accounts and Import" link on the horizontal menu.
Click on the "Change Password" link located at the very top of the available options.
You will be asked to re-login to your Account again. Enter your password and click "Sign In".
It will then take you to "My Account" window where you'll be required to type in your new password. Under it, there is another space to confirm the new password. All you need to do is type the new password again. Then click on the "Change Password".
Congratulations, you changed your password successfully. Remember to choose a strong password follow Google password policy.

Gmail Login Problems

đăng 17:48, 16 thg 2, 2017 bởi Vicki Padila

Gmail Login Problems:
– Is your Password being Changed Mysteriously despite Re-setting it? 
If a hacker has broken into your Gmail account, he is capable of adding himself to your account so that he can view your email from his account or send email from your account. The hacker will intercept all your messages including the password resets. He can easily change your password at anytime without your consent and all the time you will be wondering why you can’t log into your Gmail account. Check to see that nobody has added themselves to your account.

 – Is your Email being Forwarded without your Consent?
A hacker can change your account settings and forward your email to his email address. This helps him to keep track of your messages, including any account password details that are sent to your email address. Check your account settings [Forwarding] and remove any suspect email addresses.

 – Is your Computer Hosts File Blocking any IP or Domains?
Malicious programs can change your Hosts File. They can add domains or IP addresses for blocking on your computer. You will be unable to access any blocked website, like for example, or the host file and remove any restricted websites and their IPs.The following links show you the path to the hosts file on each Operating System:
Hosts File Path for Windows, Linux, and Mac Operating Systems: 

 – Are Cookies From Google or Gmail Enabled?
Enabling cookies on your web browser might solve your Gmail login problems. Try to enable cookies from and other third party websites. For instructions on how to enable cookies for a website, follow the directions on your web browser – Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera or Safari.

 – Log into your Google Account from a different computer. This can solve your login issues instantly because most of the times the problem might have to do with your computer. It might be infected or something might be wrong with it.

– Log in from a Mobile Device or Tablet. If the problem is confined to your regular computer, then you should try logging in from a mobile device such as an iphone, cellphone, ipad, tablet etc.

 – Use an Email Client. Gmail is webmail that can also be accessed via an Email Client. If you cannot log into your account from a web browser, try to sign in from an Email Client. This assumes that you have configured the email client to use with Gmail. The most common email clients are Microsoft Outlook Express, 2002, 2003, 2007, Windows Mail, Thunderbird and Apple Mail.

 – Internet Connection Problems. If you have problems with internet connection, then you will encounter login issues, not only on but on every website. Check your wireless broadband and dial-up network connectivity and try to re-connect.

– Use Secure Login URLs.There are many URLs from which to log into Gmail. Try each one of them and see if you can log in.

Gmail Desktop browser

đăng 17:35, 16 thg 2, 2017 bởi Vicki Padila

You can log into your Gmail account through the desktop browser. Gmail is compatible with all known browsers, including Firefox Mozilla, Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari. To ensure a smooth sign in, make sure you have a fast internet connection and always open your mail on a secure computer which is free from malware.

Secure your computer by installing a reputable antivirus software like McAfee, Malwarebytes, AVG, Kaspersky, Bit-Defender and Webroot Secure Anywhere. If you are using a public computer like the one in an internet cafe, college library or hotel, you should make use of a protective device like the FIDO U2F Security Key or a location-independent antivirus solution that allows you to sign in safely on any location. This often protects you from phishing attacks that mimic the authentic Gmail sign in page.
Read more gmail sign up.

Gmail Sign In

đăng 17:34, 16 thg 2, 2017 bởi Vicki Padila

How to sign in to gmail acount?
To sign into your Gmail account, you will need a password and Gmail address. This address is in the form You have to choose a strong password that cannot be easily guessed by anybody. To generate a strong password, mix different characters that are available on your keyboard. Open your notepad or MS Word, and randomly type in your characters. Include letters, numbers and symbols.
You can also use an online password generator to create strong passwords, but make sure that you only use a secure password generator from a reputable antivirus provider like Norton.
Never share your password with anyone, and do not store it on your computer. It’s much safer to keep your password on a notebook, that way it will be kept safe from malware that might attack your computer, and anybody who uses your computer will not have access to it. Another disadvantage of keeping your password on a computer is the risk of your password being found when your computer is stolen.
To prevent anyone from signing into your account in the event of your password being discovered, cracked or stolen, you should enable 2-Step Authentification.Gmail provides a 2-Step verification system to stop any login attempts when your account is compromised. You will be required to verify your account through your mobile phone. A temporary non-reusable code will be sent to your phone, and you have to enter this code on your mobile device to access your account.

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