My New Email Service


We are excited to provide you with some of the details of your new email experience. Your new services include:
●     Reliable Email platform including Webmail interface, POP & IMAP Services
●     10 GB Total Mail and File Storage
●     File Sharing Capability           
●     Calendar/Contact Services

The fact that you are visiting this site should mean that you have received an email notification with the actual date your service will be upgraded. Please do not make any changes until that date. 

Detailed Specifications   

Basic Features

  • 10 GB Storage (email and file storage combined)

  • up to 35 MB message size (attachments)

  • IMAP, POP, SMTP, STARTTLS, SSL Based Access, Web Mail.

  • Email searching: Full body, subject, headers.

Web Mail Features

  • IMAP compliant email client with folder management.

  • Message Preview.

  • Full HTML message support.

  • Rich Text/HTML Message Composition &  WYSIWYG & Attachment & Auto-completion (Contacts & Groups)‏

  • Language Support:  English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Greek, and Turkish.  Partial support for additional languages.

  • Identity Management supporting multiple alias based HTML signatures and identities.

  • Spell Checking In Supported Languages

  • Report email as spam / not spam.

  • Accept/Block Lists.

  • Drag-n-drop email and contacts.

  • vCard & CardDAV Address Book Support

  • iCalendar & CalDAV Calendar Support

  • External POP Accounts Retrieval

  • Extensive user configuration interface settings.

  • Small Business Tools

    • Canned Responses

    • Identity Management

    • Mobile Sync (CardDAV & CalDAV)

Spam & Virus Handling

  • Robust multi-language spam filtering.  Engineered to run at an enterprise level performing at least as well as competitors.

  • Mailshell (Spam) and ClamAV (Virus) Engines.

  • 98% success rate for blocking spam, and less than 2% false positive rate.

  • In house 24/7 abuse team, running in-house RBL, DNSBL, Sieve Filter, external RBL inclusion and management, feedback loop support

  • Address Book Safe Sender and Pen Pal Safe Sender handling features.

    • As long as an address is in your address book then it’s considered a safe sender.

    • Addresses sent to will be considered safe senders for six months, for the last 2000 email addresses communicated with

Email Account Limitation

  • SMTP Rate Limiting - Email are limited to sending up to 500 messages or to 500 recipients within a 24 hour period (rolling window).  Requests can be made for individual accounts to have their limit increased via our support centre, if absolutely required.  Even with an increased limit, the maximum number or recipients that can be allowed for a single outbound message is 1000.

  • SMTP Ramp Up - New accounts go through a ramp up period of 14 days, with 25 recipients or messages allowed in the first day, ramping up to 500 on the 14th day.  

  • Messages marked as spam cannot be forwarded.

  • Trash and Spam folder messages do not count towards an account's quota.

  • Trash and Spam folder messages are cleared after 30 days.

  • The file sharing service's storage limit is shared with the email account's stored mail limit (shared quota).

  • A quota warning is issued to the account's inbox on reaching 90% quota usage.

  • Once quota usage has reached 100%, incoming messages will be rejected.

  • Address Books can have a maximum of 500 contacts, but the limit could be raised on request to our support centre.

  • 500 entries per Safe and Block sender list.

  • Inbound and Outbound maximum mime-encoded message size is 35MB (36700160 bytes).  

  • File Sharing Limits:

    • Absolute limit over 24 hour sliding window is 1024 MB (1073741824 bytes) shared among all files.

    • 500 downloads over 24 hour sliding window, shared amongst all files.