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This list includes retail banking, investment banking, private equity groups, insurance, stock market exchanges, public financing, etc.

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Company NameLocationProduct SpecialtyEmail ConventionEmail DomainExample (Jane Francis Doe)NotesMain Phone Number
Company NameLocationProduct SpecialtyEmail ConventionEmail DomainExample (Jane Francis Doe)NotesMain Phone Number
Acacia Financial Corporation (sub of UNIFI Companies) Bethesda, MD Mutual Funds Firstname.Lastname acaciagroup.com Jane.Doe@acaciagroup.com  301.280.1000 
American Capital, Ltd Bethesda, MD Commercial Lending Firstname.Lastname americancapital.com Jane.Doe@americancapital.com  301.951.6122 
Calvert Investments Bethesda, MD Mutual Funds Firstname.Lastname calvert.com Jane.Doe@calvert.com  301.951.4882 
CapitalSource Inc. Chevy Chase, MD Commercial Lending FirstinitalLastName capitalsource.com JDoe@capitalsource.com  301.841.2700 
Carlyle Group Washington DC Private Equity Firstname.Lastname carlyle.com Jane.Doe@carlyle.com  202.729.5626 
Chevy Chase Bank (sub of Capital One) Bethesda, MD Retail Banking FirstInitialMiddleinitialLastname chevychasebank.net JFDoe@chevychasebank.net  240.497.4600 
Fannie Mae Washington, DC Mortgage Lending Firstname_Lastname fanniemae.com Jane_Doe@fanniemae.com  202.752.7000 
FBR Capital Markets Corporation Arlington, VA Investment Banking FirstinitalLastName fbr.com JDoe@fbr.com  703.312.9500 
Federal Realty Investment Trust Rockville, MD Real Estate Investment Trust FirstinitalLastName federalrealty.com JDoe@federalrealty.com  301.998.8100 
Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Washington, DC Finance Regulatory Firstname.Lastname finra.org Jane.Doe@finra.org  202.728.8000 
First Virginia Banks Inc. Falls Church, VA Retail Banking FirstinitalLastName firstvirginia.com JDoe@firstvirginia.com  703.241.4000 
Freddie Mac McLean, VA Mortgage Lending Firstname_Lastname freddiemac.com Jane_Doe@freddiemac.com  703.903.2000 
GEICO Chevy Chase, MD Insurance FirstinitalLastName geico.com JDoe@geico.com  301.986.2500 
Host Hotels & Resorts Bethesda, MD Real Estate Investment Trust Firstname.Lastname hostmarriott.com Jane.Doe@hostmarriott.com  240.744.1000 
ICMA Retirement Corporation Washington, DC Saving Plans FirstinitalLastName icmarc.org JDoe@icmarc.org  202.962.4600 
Inter-American Development Bank Washington, DC Public Financing FirstnameLastinitial iadb.org JaneD@iadb.org Sometimes firstnameFirsttwolettersofLastname 202.623.1000 
International Bank for Reconstruction & Development (World Bank) Washington, DC Public Financing FirstinitalLastName worldbank.org JDoe@worldbank.org  202.473.1000 
International Finance Corporation (IFC) Washington DC Public Financing FirstinitalLastName ifc.org JDoe@ifc.org  202.473.3800 
International Monetary Fund (IMF) Washington DC Public Financing FirstinitalLastName imf.org JDoe@imf.org  202.623.7000 
Intersections, Inc. Chantilly, VA Credit Management FirstinitalLastName intersections.com JDoe@intersections.com  703.488.6100 
MMA Financial Baltimore, MD Real Estate Financing FirstinitalLastName mmafin.com JDoe@mmafin.com  (443) 263-2900 
National Cooperative Bank Washington, DC Commercial Banking FirstinitalLastName ncb.com JDoe@ncb.com  202.349.7444 
National Electronic Warranty Corp Sterling, VA Insurance FirstinitalLastName newcorp.com JDoe@newcorp.com  703.375.8100 
Navy Federal Credit Union Vienna, VA Retail Banking Firstname_Lastname navyfederal.org Jane_Doe@navyfederal.org  703.255.8000 
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Washington, DC Insurance Lastname.Firstname pbgc.gov Doe.Jane@pbgc.gov  202.326.4000 
Pentagon Federal Credit Union Alexandria, VA Retail Banking Firstname.Lastname penfed.org Jane.Doe@penfed.org  703.838.1000 
Sandy Spring Bancorp Olney, MD Retail Banking FirstinitalLastName sandyspringbank.com JDoe@sandyspringbank.com  301.774.6400 
Stifel Nicolaus Washington DC Investment Banking FirstInitialMiddleinitialLastname stifel.com JFDoe@stifel.com Sometimes lastnameFirstinitial or first.last 202.756.7760 
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