SF Computer Software

This list includes all of the companies that make some sort of computer software, including: Accounting & Financial, Business Intelligence, Collaborative, E-Commerce, Education & Training, Engineering, Enterprise Resource Planning, Entertainment & Gaming, Human Resources, Messaging & Communication, Security, etc.

Companies on the list are either based in the San Francisco Bay Area or have significant operations in the area.

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Company NameCityProduct SpecialtyEmail ConventionEmail DomainExample (ie Jane Francis Doe)NotesMain Phone Number
Company NameCityProduct SpecialtyEmail ConventionEmail DomainExample (ie Jane Francis Doe)NotesMain Phone Number
3VR Security, Inc. San Francisco Video search FirstinitalLastName 3vr.com JDoe@3vr.com  415.495.5790 
Adchemy, Inc. Foster City Online marketing tools firstname adchemy.com Jane@adchemy.com  650.581.4611 
AdKnowledge, Inc. Burlingame Advertising network FirstinitalLastName adknowledge.com JDoe@adknowledge.com  650.342.3496 
Advent Software San Francisco Investment Management Software FirstinitalLastName advent.com JDoe@advent.com  (415) 543-7696 
Aerohive Networks Santa Clara Enterprise Wi-fi networks FirstinitalLastName aerohive.com JDoe@aerohive.com  408.988.9918 
Aravo Solutions Inc. San Francisco Supply Chain software FirstinitalLastName aravo.com JDoe@aravo.com  415.292.0840 
Ask.com Oakland Search Engine Firstname.Lastname ask.com Jane.Doe@ask.com  (510) 985-7400 
Audience, Inc. Mountain View Audio Software FirstinitalLastName audience.com JDoe@audience.com  650.254.2800 
Autodesk, Inc. San Rafael Design Software Firstname.Lastname autodesk.com Jane.Doe@autodesk.com  415.507.5000 
BizBuySell Inc. San Francisco business for sale marketplace FirstinitalLastName bizbuysell.com JDoe@bizbuysell.com  415.284.4380 
BizQuest San Francisco business for sale marketplace FirstinitalLastName bizquest.com JDoe@bizquest.com  888.280.3815 
Box.net Palo Alto Online backup and collaboration software firstname box.net Jane@box.net  650.329.1210 
BuzzLogic San Francisco Ad targeting platform FirstinitalLastName buzzlogic.com JDoe@buzzlogic.com  415.913.2600 
Cantaloupe Systems Inc. Berkeley Vending Machine Software Firstname.Lastname cantaloupesys.com Jane.Doe@cantaloupesys.com Sometimes just firstname@ 510-647-3785 
Coupons, Inc. Mountain View Consumer Lead Generation FirstinitalLastName couponsinc.com JDoe@couponsinc.com  650·605·4600 
Crowd Science Mountain View Online market research applications Firstname.Lastname crowdscience.com Jane.Doe@crowdscience.com Initial employess use firstname@crowdscience.com 650.625.9721 
Electronic Arts, Inc. Redwood City Gaming/Entertainment FirstinitalLastName ea.com JDoe@ea.com  650.628.1500 
Equinix Inc. Foster City Data Centers FirstinitalLastName equinix.com JDoe@equinix.com  650.513.7000 
Extole, Inc. San Francisco Social Marketing Platform FirstinitalLastName extole.com JDoe@extole.com  415.250.8585 
FriendFinder Networks Sunnyvale Internet Social Networking FirstinitalLastName ffn.com JDoe@ffn.com  408.745.5400 
Get Satisfaction San Francisco Customer Support Software firstname getsatisfaction.com Jane@getsatisfaction.com  877.339.3997 
Glassbeam Inc. (formerly Orchesys) Sunnyvale Product Analytics software Firstname.Lastname glassbeam.com Jane.Doe@glassbeam.com Also jane.doe@orchesys.com 408-740-4600 
Grockit, Inc. San Francisco E-Learning firstname grockit.com Jane@grockit.com sometimes firstnameLastinitial 415.683.0203 
Guidewire Software, Inc. San Mateo Insurance Software FirstinitalLastName guidewire.com JDoe@guidewire.com  650.357.9100 
Hara Software Inc. Redwood City Energy Management Firstname.Lastname hara.com Jane.Doe@hara.com  650-799-2919 
HumanConcepts Sausalito Org chart software Firstname.Lastname humanconcepts.com Jane.Doe@humanconcepts.com  415.332.3030 
Ingenuity Systems Inc. Redwood City Life sciences software FirstinitalLastName ingenuity.com JDoe@ingenuity.com  650.381.5100 
InsideTrack, Inc. San Francisco University Consulting Software Firstname.Lastname insidetrack.com Jane.Doe@insidetrack.com  (415) 243-4440 
InsideView Technologies San Francisco Sales Intelligence solutions Firstname.Lastname insideview.com Jane.Doe@insideview.com  415.728.9300  
Intuit Mountain View Tax Preparation Software Firstname_Lastname intuit.com Jane_Doe@intuit.com  650-944-6000 
Involver Inc. San Francisco Social Marketing software firstname involver.com Jane@involver.com  877.309.8293 
izmocars San Francisco Automotive web solutions Firstname.Lastname izmocars.com Jane.Doe@izmocars.com Sometimes only firstname@izmocars.com 415.694.6000 
Kenshoo Inc. San Francisco Search engine marketing platform Firstname.Lastname kenshoo.com Jane.Doe@kenshoo.com  415.644.0792 
KXen San Francisco Predictive Analytics Software Firstname.Lastname kxen.com Jane.Doe@kxen.com  415 904 4160 
LandandFarm.com San Francisco rural land marketplace FirstinitalLastName landandfarm.com JDoe@landandfarm.com  888.327.6289 
Limos.com San Francisco online marketplace for limos Firstname.Lastname limos.com Jane.Doe@limos.com  480.592.0880 
Linden Lab San Francisco 3D Virtual software firstname lindenlab.com jane@lindenlab.com Sometimes their screen name is used as their name 415.243.9000 
Linkedin Corporation Mountain View Recruiting Software FirstinitalLastName linkedin.com JDoe@linkedin.com  (650) 687-3600 
Livefyre Inc. San Francisco Commenting platform firstname livefyre.com Jane@livefyre.com  415.543.2300 
Logitech North America Fremont Computer peripherals Firstname_Lastname logitech.com Jane_Doe@logitech.com  510.795.8500 
LoopNet Inc. San Francisco Commercial Real Estate marketplace FirstinitalLastName loopnet.com JDoe@loopnet.com  415.243.4200 
Marketo, Inc. San Mateo Email marketing software FirstinitalLastName marketo.com JDoe@marketo.com Initial employees use firstname@marketo.com 650.376.2300 
Market Tools, Inc. San Francisco Customer Insight/Surveys Firstname.Lastname markettools.com Jane.Doe@markettools.com  415.957.2200 
Mashery Inc. San Francisco API services firstname mashery.com Jane@mashery.com  415.296.0410 
McAfee, Inc. Santa Clara Software security Firstname_Lastname mcafee.com Jane_Doe@mcafee.com  408.988.3832 
MerchantCircle Inc. Mountain View Local Business Social Network firstname @merchantcircle.com Jane@merchantcircle.com  650.352.1336 
Military.com (sub of Monster Worldwide) San Francisco Online Job Board Firstname.Lastname monster.com Jane.Doe@monster.com  (415) 820-3434 
NetBase Solutions, Inc. Mountain View Semantic Technology FirstinitalLastName netbase.com JDoe@netbase.com  650.968.4741 
OpenTable San Francisco Reservation software FirstinitalLastName opentable.com JDoe@opentable.com  415.344.4200 
OpenTV, Inc. San Francisco TV set software Firstname.Lastname opentv.com Jane.Doe@opentv.com  415.962.5000 
Outright Inc. Campbell Online bookkeeping software firstname @outright.com Jane@outright.com   
Palm, Inc. Sunnyvale Mobile Computing Firstname.Lastname palm.com Jane.Doe@palm.com Sometimes first.last@palmone.com 408.617.7000 
Pano Logic Inc. Menlo Park Desktop Virtualization Firstname.Lastname panologic.com Jane.Doe@panologic.com sometimes FirstinitialLastname 650.454.8940 
PaymentOne Corporation San Jose Turnkey payment platform FirstinitalLastName paymentone.com JDoe@paymentone.com  408.362.4100 
Pixar Inc. Emeryville Entertainment/Animation FirstinitalLastName pixar.com JDoe@pixar.com  (510) 922-3000 
Playdom Inc. Mountain View Social Games FirstinitalLastName playdom.com JDoe@playdom.com Sometimes only first@ or first.last@ 650.963.8000 
Qualys Inc. Redwood Shores Compliance software FirstinitalLastName qualys.com JDoe@qualys.com  650.801.6100 
Rally.org (formerly Piryx) San Francisco Funding platform Firstname.Lastname rally.org Jane.Doe@rally.org  888.648.2220 
Reputation.com Redwood City Online Reputation Management Firstname.Lastname reputation.com Jane.Doe@reputation.com  877.492.0373 
RingCentral Inc. San Mateo Internet phone system FirstnameLastInitial @ringcentral.com JaneB@ringcentral.com  888.528.7464 
Riverbed Technology San Francisco IT Applications optimization Firstname.Lastname riverbed.com Jane.Doe@riverbed.com  415.247.8800 
Rocket Fuel Inc. Redwood Shores Ad serving platform FirstinitalLastName rocketfuel.com JDoe@rocketfuel.com  650.595.1300 
Rocket Lawyer Inc. San Francisco Online Legal Services FirstinitalLastName rocketlawyer.com JDoe@rocketlawyer.com  415.738.6337 
Sega of America San Francisco Video Games FirstinitalLastName sega.com JDoe@sega.com  (415) 701-6000 
SimplyHired.com Mountain View Online Job Board firstname simplyhired.com Jane@simplyhired.com  650-254-9000 
Sony Computer Entertainment America Foster City Video Games Firstname_Lastname sonyusa.com Jane_Doe@sonyusa.com  650-655-8000 
Splunk San Francisco Information Technology Search FirstinitalLastName splunk.com JDoe@splunk.com  415-848-8400 
Success Factors San Mateo HR Software FirstinitalLastName successfactors.com JDoe@successfactors.com  (650) 645-2000 
Symantec Inc. Cupertino Software security FirstinitalLastName symantec.com JDoe@symantec.com  408.517.8000 
Tacit Knowledge San Francisco Software Development FirstinitalLastName @tacitknowledge.com JDoe@tacitknowledge.com  415.495.2322 
Taleo Inc. Dublin HR Software FirstinitalLastName taleo.com JDoe@taleo.com  925.452.3000 
Truste San Francisco Online Security Services FirstinitalLastName truste.com JDoe@truste.com  415 520-3400 
Ubisoft USA San Francisco Video Games Firstname.Lastname ubisoft.com Jane.Doe@ubisoft.com  (415) 547-4000 
Verisign Mountain View Online Security Services FirstinitalLastName verisign.com JDoe@verisign.com   650-961-7500 
Vertical Response San Francisco Email Marketing FirstinitalLastName verticalresponse.com JDoe@verticalresponse.com  (415) 905-6880 
Waterfall Mobile Inc. San Francisco Mobile Messaging FirstinitalLastName waterfallmobile.com JDoe@waterfallmobile.com  415.487.1200 
WideOrbit Inc. San Francisco Business mgmt software for Media FirstinitalLastName wideorbit.com JDoe@wideorbit.com  415.675.6700 
Wikia San Francisco (SOMA) Wiki portal firstname wikia-inc.com Jane@wikia-inc.com  415.777.1882 
Wildfire Interactive Inc. Palo Alto Social Media Campaigns Firstname.Lastname @wildfireapp.com Jane.Doe@wildfireapp.com  888.274.0929 
Wind River Systems Alameda Software optimization Firstname.Lastname windriver.com Jane.Doe@windriver.com  510.748.4100  
WorkingPoint Inc. San Francisco Online accounting software FirstinitalLastName @workingpoint.com JDoe@workingpoint.com  415.399.9716 
Xobni, Inc. San Francisco Email Management Firstname.Lastname xobni.com Jane.Doe@xobni.com  415.986.5101 
Yammer Inc. San Francisco/SOMA Online Collaboration Software firstname yammer-inc.com Jane@yammer-inc.com  (415) 777-5977 
Yodlee Redwood City Financial Software FirstinitalLastName yodlee.com JDoe@yodlee.com PR contacts are first.last@yodlee.com 650.980.3600 
Yola Inc. San Francisco Website builder & hosting firstname @yola.com Jane@yola.com Sometimes first.last@yola.com 415.227.0250 
Zynga San Francisco Online Gaming FirstinitalLastName zynga.com JDoe@zynga.com  (650) 207-0152 
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