Job Seekers Guide - How to best use in your job search

If you are in the job search right now, you know how frustrating it is to apply to jobs online.  You go to the company's website, enter in your information, upload your resume, and cover letter, hit Enter, and nothing happens. It's a black-hole.  You never hear anything back from the company (these days you are lucky if you even get an automated response from the website that you applied to confirming that you applied for the job).

Why not change the job search application process and stacks the odds in your favor? 

Who says you can't contact the recruiter, the hiring level manager or another company contact directly to get your application into the right hands?  All you need is a couple of things: 

                                                            1) Full name of the contact you are trying to reach
                                                            2) Company where they currently work
                                                            3) The corporate email address pattern

A good outline to follow is below:

1) Create a list of target companies (Try looking at the Emails4Corporations Job Board for current job leads - a new window will open)
2) Use social/business networking websites to find company insiders who may be appropriate to contact in your job search.  We recommend using or
3) Jot down the names, titles, and locations of the company contacts in your target company spreadsheet
4) Use the information found on to understand your target company's corporate email address pattern
5) Determine your purpose for contacting a particular person.  (information interview, uncovering info regarding the position, getting in touch with the recruiter/hiring mgr directly, etc)
6) Reach out to them directly via phone or email. 

On the following pages, we have started populating lists of national US companies by Industry, which can then be sorted by geographic location.  Our goal is to soon provide a comprehensive list of national US company email address patterns for free.  Currently we have over 1000 company email formats listed, but we plan to publish many more in the coming stay tuned!!

We also are experimenting with cataloging companies (along with providing their corporate email address patterns & main telephone numbers) found in one particular geographic area to aid in Job Search.  To start, we have started populating a list of companies found in the San Francisco Bay Area and Washington DC Metro Area.  If you looking for a job in either of those regions, then you should definitely check this section out.