My name is Anton LaRuse and I have been giving psychic readings in Adelaide, Australia, by using tarot cards and psychometry for the last 30 years. These days I'm semi retired and enjoying getting back to some old passions like painting, studying ancient cultures and learning new things (like website design!).

But still my strongest passion is helping people by using my abilities.

I realise that there are a lot of people out there who are curious about psychics and would like to know more but maybe they are a little sceptical or scared (some people with religious upbringings quite often tell me that they're "afraid" a psychic reading is blasphemous) or maybe they just have an interest but aren't interested enough to pay the $40-$150 to get a reading these days (it is a lot of money for something you can be uncertain about, isn't it?). So I thought the first site I make will offer a public service to these people who are interested and curious about what people like myself do.

I would like to offer you a free psychic reading. This is an opportunity to find out and explore the wonderful and exciting world of psychics and mediums and I will give you a personalised reading through email.

FREE Psychic reading

There are only two things that I ask of you... 1) Be patient with me and be understanding. As I said, I'm semi retired - but I'm still busy! I still do readings for my old clients but I am not taking on any new clients. So if you like the reading I give you and would like something more in depth I'll unfortunately have to decline as I just can't. I'm sorry... but there are plenty of other good psychics out there, you just need to look around (unfortunately as well, I won't be able to recommend any to you. I don't want you to feel any obligation from this free service. I'd hate for you to think I was just doing this to generate business for my friends). Also, because I am still working and pursuing other interests please be patient - I might not be able to reply straight away but I do guarantee that I will do a reading for absolutely every request I get.

2) Send me an email after I have sent the reading, letting me know how it was, how it made you feel and what it means to you. Feedback is incredibly important in this job. The reason I have done what I do for so long is that it is incredibly personal and fulfilling. Without feedback, this job is worthless!

Thanks for spending time reading through this site. If you want a free psychic reading please fill out the form below. You can give as much or little information as you want. The only required fields are your first name, email address and where you heard about the site. (I will not disclose or give your email address to anyone and will only use it to communicate with you.)

Peace, love and light.


Anton LaRuse.

Adelaide, Australia 2010.