Behind the Brush

Berlin Collection, 2006 

Berlin is such an arty place, that I feel compelled to salvage any ounce of artistic ability that may  still exist within me. 

Anecdotally, it's easier for an artist to find employment here than an investment banker...  

Daniel and I were the "New Kids on the Block" at the Volkhochschule Malerei Kurs, however we knew we had gained the acceptance of the old-timers  once they began deconstructing and embellishing our work.

Katerina, our teacher, was particularly pleased (or amused?) with my still life - "...the vases evoke a sense of theatre, humour and have a life of their own.  They are the actors and the audience..."  

Other comments for fellow, more sernior, students included: 

"...there is something Cosmic...something...circular but not perfectly round. Yes, it would be too boring if you had painted perfect circles."

"That looks like the North Sea!" (Ok, I'll take your word for it as I've never been there). 

"...I also painted a carpet for the Red and Green exercise."


Experimentation with Orange and Blue: Dec 2006

Still Life with Red, White and Black: Nov 2006

Experimentation with Violet and Yellow: Dec 2006

Black and White Landscape: Oct 2006

Experimentation with Red and Green: Nov 2006