28 on June 28

Berlin, 28 June 2007 

The 28th of June was a day of firsts:  the first time Daniel served a self-baked a poppyseed strudel, the first time I learnt how to do Intermediate Series (Ashtanga yoga) adjustments (on others), the first time I baked chocolate cup cakes, the first time we ate at Shiro-Shiro...the first time I turned 28, and the first time I celebrated my birthday in Berlin.   

6:45 -  Waking up to Daniel´s lit-up self-baked poppyseed creation

7:30 - Posing with Manju Jois before beginning the morning´s yoga practice.  Luckily I avoid having to do  108 Sun Salutations (supposedly good luck on one´s birthday)


11:00 - Trying to get into Garhbha Pindasana while looking photogenic

15:30 - Feeding my colleagues at KPMG cup cakes (yes, I added butter and sugar) and responding appropriately to wishes of "Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag" 


20:00 - It´s raining and I almost suggest that we get take away sushi instead of dining out, but Daniel has a booking at surprise dinner venue Shiro-Shiro, where I eat chirashi-zushi for the first time in Berlin. 
It´s not Tokyo, but it´s not bad for a land-locked pork obsessed city.    

22:00 - I discover I have a flat tire (the third time in a week), but at least the rain has stopped and we are not too far from home.

23:00 - Admiring my new ecologically friendly yoga mat, Yogistar mat bag,
and Daniel´s candle light artistry

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