Brie, fig, Parma ham & rocket (arugula) baguettes
(makes about 6)

These stylish sandwiches will add class to any picnic - just be sure to get the freshest baguettes you can.


2 x 30cm (12") fresh baguettes, or one long one
4-5 ripe figs, depending on size
about 200g Brie
6 slices of Parma ham
2 large handfuls of rocket leaves, washed and dried
a little butter, if desired


Cut the baguettes into 6 roughly equal lengths.  Slice each piece open lengthways, but do not cut all the way through.

Thinly slice the figs and Brie.  Spread a little butter on both halves of each baguette if desired.  Start by laying 3-4 slices of fig on each baguette.  Follow with two or more slices of Brie and a piece of Parma ham, folded to fit the bread if necessary.  Finish with as many rocket leaves as you can fit in while still allowing the baguette sandwich to close.

Serve immediately, with Pimms!