About Us

EMA Heritage was formed in 2005 as a modelmaking and model engineering consultancy, accepting individual commissions for models and dioramas.

We specialise in the visual presentation of lost or preserved heritage subjects or scenes using scale models, dioramas, bespoke displays and multimedia information. We identify and make proposals / recommendations on opportunities for large scale models with interactive features, both in Britain and Ireland, designed as heritage-related visitor attractions in their own right or as interpretative dioramas to engage, entertain and educate viewers in relation to heritage scenes, subjects and activities.

Man-made heritage and modelmaking have been lifetime interests of founder and proprietor Edward More who, in association with a group of other like-minded individuals, focus their interests and skills on creating heritage subjects or scenes in miniature.

Using bespoke project teams assembled to best suit the subject matter, EMA Heritage combines modelmaking with business skills, in particular project design and resource management. We are able to draw from a large pool of award-winning modelmaking associates and a resource network developed over many years, ensuring specialist subject matter knowledge and appropriate skill sets are available for each client project we undertake.

  • Heritage Models & Dioramas
  • Display Bases, Cases & Cabinets
  • Project Design, Management & Consultancy
  • Historical Research, Investigation & Interpretation
  • Photographic Surveys & Drawings
  • Miniature Engineering
  • Multimedia Information & Signage
  • Heritage Literature & Merchandise

Please contact us to discuss a presentational or interpretative solution for your heritage project.