Acting Internship in Emergency Medicine
 MetroHealth Medical Center 
 Slide show of the AI activities
Slide show of MetroHealth EM Residency Activities
  • This rotation has been in existence since 1989
  • Trained > 370 4th year medical students, most who plan a career in EM or who want an intense, hands-on learning experience 
  • Level 1 Trauma Center in Cleveland, Ohio 
  • 102,000 patients per year (both pediatric and adult)
  • 33 EM faculty and 39 EM residents
  • Other features of our ED/MetroHealth:  Stroke Center -- Chest Pain Center --  Regional Burn referral center -- Level 3 NICU -- 14 bed Clinical Decision (observation) Unit --  Ultrasound Fellowship --On line medical command for Cleveland EMS
When is the AI offered and who is eligible?
  • This Acting Internship offered May thru October; 
  • 4th year medical students from U.S. medical schools--7 students / month maximum
  • Visiting students welcome--up to 3 per month: 
  • Please use VSAS , please use that method to apply: VSAS medical student link
  • If your school does not use VSAS, use this  Application form (for non-CWRU students) 
  • Application form for Case/Lerner students 
  • What are the  dates AI offered?
  • Choose MetroHealth Emergency Elective instead of Acting Internship if November thru May
What can I expect from the rotation? to see more, scroll down further...
  • 13-15 shifts; mix of acute, trauma and fast-track--lots of hands-on 
  • Meal card supplementation
  • 5 hrs/week classroom education (with our EM residents) 
  • Student - specific workshops:  
      • bedside ultrasound session
      • mock oral boards
      • slit lamp workshop
      • splinting/casting workshop
      • jeopardy session
      • special dedicated educational/teaching shifts with senior residents for students only
      • aeromedical transport ride-a-long;   Cleveland EMS ride-a-long
      • Simulation center
      • participation in cadaver lab with EM residents when available
      • potential for Cleveland Police and Swat Ballistics / Firing Range & Fire Academy  (dates vary)
  • EM textbooks loaned for month / log-on password for EM website educational materials unique to MetroHealth
Contact information? 
  • Combination of shift evaluations, performance in small group sessions, 10 minute lecture to the EM residents, procedure card.  A test is given but does not contribute to grade; used to aid in counseling for those EM bound
  • Satisfactory, Commendable, Honors (CWRU scale) or according to evaluations unique to the student's own medical school

Helicopter and EMS  

Ride - a - long

MetroLife Flight

Cleveland Clinic Critical Care Transport

Cleveland EMS


Simulation Center

Central lines  Lumbar puncture Thoracostomy     tubes
Tox cases Intubation/airway   
Trauma & pediatric cases   


Casting/Splinting Workshop

ulnar gutter
thumb spica
sugar tong

... because you'll be doing these all
month on your patients! 


 Moonlighting shifts: EM residents                 work extra shifts JUST TO TEACH STUDENTS 

2:1 ratio of student:resident for these extra shifts that allow for in depth discussions of cases, participation in procedures, including chest tubes, intubation, lumbar puncture, complex laceration repair, much more!



Bedside Ultrasound Workshop

Intro to physics & knobology
FAST scan 
Ultrasound guided IV 
Scan each other--and utilize this tool throughout your rotation for patient care! 

Cleveland Police Firing Range  & Fire Department  

June/July block only
Firing handguns/rifles with Cleveland  Police Swat Team
Enter Mock burning buidling in full firemen's garb
Remove patients from simulated crash scenes  
Two educational and favorite events every year! 

Link to News Story about Firing Range experience: 

Click here for more photos

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