.bak to .ogz



Have you ever accidentally saved over a great level you were working on? It happens mostly when you name your levels with numbers. If you did happen to accidentally save over a level you were working on, you can always use the .baks that Sauerbraten creates whenever you save your map. However, you have to convert your .baks to .ogzs to be able to open them in Sauerbraten. Converting them manually can take a lot of time. You would have to rename them one at a time. Now that has changed. You no longer need to manually convert each .bak file to a .ogz file one by one. With this workflow, you can pick the .bak files you want to convert then, with a single click, convert them all to .ogz files.

How to install: Installing is simple. Just put it wherever you want. As far as I know, it doesn't have to be in a specific place.

How to use: All you have to do is click the add button under the heading "Get Specified Finder Items," then locate the .bak files you want to convert. To select multiple files just hold down control. When you have the .baks you want to convert selected, push "add." The file selection window should close. Then just push the button that says run under it. You don't have to type anything under the heading "Replace Finder Items." When you push the run button, the .bak files you specified are turned into .ogz files. That's all you have to do.

Note: This workflow only works on Macs. You also must have Automater.
Note 2: You can only download the workflow from my website because the file type is not supported on Quadropollis.