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A Tale of Two Hospitals....... 

     So..... went for my "pre-op clinic" today..... quite the journey, my appointment was at 1 pm and I realized while I was walking there ( at 12:20) that in fact the bloodwork part was not included in the clinic and needed to be done BEFORE 1... so i started booting it to the hospital ( the one in east city) got there totally lost.. looks super sketchy ghetto, sooo feelin good about having surgery there.... got up to the lab ( after searching for god knows how long) and was told that I was in the WRONG HOSPITAL!!!! luckily for me a VERY VERY VERY nice lady named sue managed to get me on a  blood and guts t ansit van that was going to the other hospital.


       So get to the Other hospital ( hospital dr) and find the lab.. am asked 8 times about the same forms ( forms which i mailed to my surgeons office .. at his request) get sent from one department to another department.. get to the lab the nurse barely acknowledges my presence ( which by the way is difficult to do while jabbing a needle in my arm) took my blood and told me to go to the pre-op clinic on the second floor. note.. only direction was second floor.

    So I leave the lab and go searching for an elevator.. i go up one hall down one all up the next down the next... find the elevator.. think to myself thank god i'm actually going to make it, only somewhat late.. get up  to the second floor AND..... where the hell am i? it really didn't seem to be a  patient area at all.. there was a business office.. so i went to the lady and asked her where to go.. well apparently there are 2  second floors. east and west... and you have to take different elevaters to get to each. so she gives me  directionsish how to get there. and i go BACK downstairs... and search for a different set of elevaters... Find them and go upstairs

    I get to the pre-op clinic and the VOLUNTEER ( yep not a nurse.. a volunteer.. i'm sure she's had training.. but comeon!) was super rude to  me... then a bunch of old people came and she was alllll suger... ageist.

        Finally I get in to speak to the actual nurse and she basicly just read over some forms I already had and had me sign a consent form.. gave me a couple extra forms and set me on my way. soooo   ... yep

          big waste of time!!!!






Entry The First........


  I do sooooo love google!! i just found out they also host webpages!!! sooo exciting.. so I say screw livejournal!!! well for now anyways cause i think this is prettier........... in about one week I'll realize that livejournal is made for blogging while this is an actual webpage and will be thouroughly annoyed adn switch back... i'm  entirely sure. so stay tuned for the exciting conclusion!!!!