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BeeKey and BeePi beta 9 are available !

posted Jul 14, 2016, 6:16 PM by Philippe Noble   [ updated Jul 14, 2016, 6:26 PM ]

I am glad to present you BeePi, a complete system disk-image for Raspberry Pi. It's an updated version of BeeKey-b8, booting on minBian, with Aranym + EasyAraMint, and for the first time the integration of Hatari.

Everything is setup out of the box, OS, hard drive, video, sound, Ethernet and Wifi, USB, pdf and network printing, network shares, with maintenance via ssh. It has been developed  and tested on a Raspberry Pi 3 and reaches a decent speed compared to a CT60 or a Firebee (FPU is much slower).It's able to launch any modern GEM app on Aranym together with old games and demos on Hatari (STE mode), with a transparent integration between both.
The system fits on a 4GB micro SD card, takes 2.5 GB of disk, leaving 1.5GB of working area, and boots in 35 sec onto the little green desktop. Bigger cards can be used as the system can be resized easily.

BeeKey has also been updated with the same improvements, offers a 68040@5 Ghz easily depending on your PC, and Falcon emulation works well with Hatari.

All this has given birth to 3 distributions depending on what platform you are going to use it.
It's still a work in progress, but it's getting closer to the objective.



Download the iso file for PC :
Download the iso file for MAC :
Download BeePi disk-image :
Read the f.. Manual please : The Manual