General Rules

Singles ladder matches can only take place at the end of each club night, only when free courts are available or within your own time.

Rules of Challenging

In this simple ladder, players may challenge up to five players above them. A challenge consists of one game. A player who has been challenged must accept the challenge, unless he has already been challenged by another player and has yet to play, or has himself challenged another player and has yet to play. Other factors that would excuse the challenged player are the fact he has just beaten the challenger, or has accepted two consecutive challenges.
Other reasons for a challenge being avoided are injury or holiday.
New members are permitted to join the ladder at any time, and be allowed to challenge any player within the bottom 80 percent of the ladder.

Outcome of Game

After the completion of each challenge match, players should shake hands. The winner of the challenge informs the organiser (James Wilson) of the result via email ( or by the submisssion form below. 

If the challenger has won, he or she is placed one spot above the position of the loser. If the challenger has lost, positions remain unchanged.

Single Ladder Result Submission Form