Statements of support

We are collecting signatures of support to show that the people in East Cambridgeshire are united in their efforts to help resettle refugees in our area. Please show you support our campaign by signing our Statement of Support below.

We thank all those that support our campaign. These are the statements of support we have received from local groups:

Ely Cathedral

The Dean and Chapter of Ely Cathedral wholeheartedly endorse the statement issued by the Bishop of Ely and the Bishop of Huntingdon in support of Syrian Refugees (please see statement below).

The Rt Revd David Thomson, Bishop of Huntingdon:

"It’s great to see local people acting together to help welcome, house and support refugees arriving in this country from the Middle East. Bishop Stephen and I in the Diocese of Ely (covering Cambridgeshire and West Norfolk) have written to all our churches encouraging them to act wherever they can. Our key messages are: 

(1) Act in partnership.
(2) Offer sustainable rentals.
(3) Help with emergency needs.
(4) Go on working as communities to help us all integrate and thrive.
(5) Consider fostering.
(6) Pray."

Ely City Amnesty branch:

We are greatly saddened at the scale of the refugee crisis currently being played out on our doorstep. It is awful to see the risks the refugees must take to get their families to safety.

The Ely City Amnesty International Group holds that everyone should be entitled to basic human rights, including the right to asylum (Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights), and we believe that we have a moral obligation to help.

Ely City Amnesty supports ERRC's aims to resettle 50 refugees and stands with the Ely community in welcoming refugees into our city.

Ely Humanist Group:

Humanists believe that everyone is entitled to freedom, democracy, and basic human rights. Ely Humanist Group stands with the local community in welcoming to the City those risking everything by fleeing a terrible situation. EHG supports Ely Refugee Resettlement Campaign in their aim to welcome refugees in the Ely area.

Ely Muslim Association:

The refugee crisis is a world problem that cannot be ignored. The Ely Muslim Association (EMA) feels very strongly that we need to help in any way we can. The Muslim community in our area is committed to helping with the resettlement of refugees. EMA supports the Ely Refugee Resettlement Campaign in their efforts to house refugees in our area and pledges to work with ERRC to welcome and support them when they arrive.

St. Mary’s Parish Church, Ely:

The refugee crisis is a deeply saddening issue. It is important that we come together as a community here in Ely to support all refugees, and especially those arriving in this country and this city. We need to ensure we welcome them and support in whatever way we can as they become new members of our community.

Signatures of Support