How you can help

There are a number of ways you can help our campaign, click on the links below for more information.
  • Signing your name. Signing our statement of support and writing to your MP (we will update the templates occasionally) take no time at all, but they show the decision makers just how much support there is, so if enough people do this it will hopefully galvanise the council into taking action.
  • Making a welcome pledge to be taken up when Ely decides to welcome refugees. This can be whatever you want to offer - from donating children's toys, groceries or a bike to help with translation, mentoring or even offering to help gardening. Take a look at the photo pledges in our Support page for more ideas! (Please note that until Ely does agree to rehome refugees we can't store anything unfortunately).
  • Helping campaigning. This involves meeting with local councillors, community and faith groups, organising events, media work and a whole lot of administrative work. If you have any skills that you think would be helpful we would love to hear from you, but equally if you are not sure whether your skills will be of use, but have some free time and would like to get involved fill in the form on the link below.
  • Welcoming children. Ely RRC have joined with their sister branch in Cambridge to find homes for children. This could be full fostering or offering supported lodgings for older children who will be more independent. We will put up more information on this soon, but in the meantime please do get in contact if you would like to know more.