Frequently Asked Questions

I have an item of furniture/electrical appliance/clothes, curtains or bed linen, etc I would like to donate.
Thank you for your offer! Unfortunately we do not have any space to store donations that aren't immediately needed by our two local families. When we receive any new families in the area and find out specifically what they will need we will put out a request for items on email and facebook. The same goes for any ad hoc requests from the families, such as for bikes.

Where else can I donate?
Cambridge RRC naturally have a lot more families than us so your donations may be needed by them, you can find information about what they need here: http://www.cambridgerefugees.org/donations.
Warm clothes are of use in Calais, see CamCRAG's page for information: https://camcrag.org.uk/donations/
Otherwise, we try to support local homeless charities where possible, such as Emmaus: https://www.emmaus.org.uk/shop/donate_goods

What happens to the clothes I donate?
We will take them to the family and let them choose the items that fit them the best. We have a small amount of storage space available but anything not needed or stored will be offered to Cambridge RRC or donated to a local homeless charity shop.

How can I donate money?
Please see our donations page for our paypal link, and for our bank details in case you would consider setting up a standing order. If you'd prefer to donate money via a different method, please contact elyrefugeescampaign@gmail.com

Are donations eligible for gift aid?
Unfortunately not yet, although we are in the process of applying for an HMRC charitable status.

How will my money be spent?
We help the council by providing a lot of the things that our families need, such as bikes, school uniforms and books, as well as paying for occasional social events with the Cambridge refugees to help them feel welcomed by the community.
We are also looking for another house in Ely for a third family. Although the rent is paid for by the council, the Local Housing Association rate means that our options are limited. But with your donation we could provide a monthly rental top up, meaning a much better chance of finding a property.
How else can I help?
There are two main ways you can help the campaign if you would like to get more involved.
Join our working group: This involves meeting with local councillors, community and faith groups, organising events, media work and a whole lot of administrative work. We meet monthly and discuss these things.
Volunteering services: such as occasional lifts, English language practice, gardening, visiting and befriendingArabic speakers to help with translation.

Other than that, we are looking for landlords who would consider renting their properties to us and also foster parents. Contact us for details.

How can I find out more?
We have very informal monthly sessions which you can come along to to find out more about the family. Check out our diary for the next one. Alternatively email us at elyrefugeescampaign@gmail.com