Pack 471 T-Shirt Fundraiser

The Pack needs a new Pinewood Derby Track and we need your help!

Purchase a Pack 471 T-Shirt for yourself, for your Scout, for a family member, for a neighbor today!


Mens - Ladies - Youth - Tall

Many Styles and selections

All proceeds go towards funding our new Pinewood Derby Track

What is a Pinewood Derby? Learn more here!

Orders due by November 15th

Delivery by Early December


"With the Tall sizes available, I now have two shirts that actually fit me." - Chris R, Den Leader

"The stylish designs distract others from focusing on my shiny bald head." - Jeremy S, Committee Chair

"I wish they had hot pink available, but they don't. So, I bought the tan one." - Jesse T, Assistant Den Leader

"The sleek ladies sizes tell the world 'I take Pilates... and it shows'" - Myles O, Outings Coordinator

"I am a sucker for swag. Honestly, you could carve 'Pack 471' on a dog turd and I would probably buy it." - Paul S, Den Leader

"The pistachio color compliments my eyes and makes me hungry.... for pistachios." - Pete R, Cubmaster