Cat.# DPC13558 / BMG Special Products

2003 "Elvis Illuminated Turntable + CD & Radio" PROMO Only Exclusive RARE Picture Sleeve!

"THAT'S ALL RIGHT"! In 2003, King America, EPE & BMG released the "Elvis Illuminating Turntable + CD & Radio". Model # 426825. This was done in conjunction with the "ELVIS ON SUN" campaign. As a bonus, a very limited BMG Special Products, NY, NY, Silver Labeled, Not For Sale - Promo Only, 2-sided 45rpm record was included with the turntable set. The SUN track, "That's All Right / That's All Right". Cat. # DPC13558. A Ultra-mega-rare, In-house demo picture sleeve, on heavy stock, was printed. ERR has not been able to ascertain if the p/s was ever included with the turntable set. The front (blue) side depicts a picture of the silver record label. This release is so rare, EPRecords.com doesn't even have it listed! A copy of the record only sold on ebay for $1200! Only a handful has ever been offered online. None with this ultra-mega-rare picture sleeve! With the record alone selling for $1200, it is impossible to determine a true value for the sleeve, except that it would exceed the record! ERR is offering it to YOU for a very reasonable $744!! Nearly Impossible To Find, Especially in Pristine Condition! A true King's Gem!! NOTE: Picture Sleeve ONLY - NO record.


Side A

That's All Right

Side B

That's All Right


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