Mega-Rare Unreleased German Misprint Error Picture Sleeve! Awesome Cover!!


1973 #74-16177


Side A


Side B


ERR brings You one of the Rarest and Coolest items we've ever had to offer, not to mention, a company favorite!! In 1973, RCA Victor Germany (as well as many other countries. notably excluding the US) released Polk Salad Annie & CC Rider on 7" 45rpm single. In most countries that also released these Rockin' King Classics, they were released with picture sleeves, using typical 70's live shots.. In our humble opinion, Germany initially had the Best concept, using a Rare, untypical posed pic of The King. This outdoor pic, taken at The King's Belair, CA. driveway, 10/9/70, as he takes delivery of the very 1st Stutz Bearcat made! Not only too cool, but historic as well! The King, wearing a 2-piece suit, adorning TCB sunglasses & a walking stick, showing off his Stutz Bearcat car with arms folded, his bling; gold top cane, rings, watch, bracelet, belt buckle for all to see! What a shot! "The KING"! What a Picture Sleeve!! Too bad it was all-for-not... RCA inverted (reversed) the A & B sides! Worldwide, the A side was Polk Salad Annie & the B side was CC Rider (aka See See Rider). Although the vinyl is Not included, we've included a pic of the German Picture Sleeve & Vinyl that was released to confirm A & B sides to You. Unfortunately, this amazing picture sleeve was rejected & scrapped, only to be replaced with a Near identical live-shot from MSG '72, of the French Polk Salad Annie/CC Rider p/s. We said "near identical" as the French & German pics were taken only a few seconds apart! As for This p/s, ERR has been doing this for 50+ years & this is the Only time we have ever seen this sleeve, let alone be able to offer it to YOU!!

It is Not listed in any known discography, &/or bootleg publication. A True Rarity! - A Possible 1-Of-A-Kind? From our 50+ year trained eyes, we cannot detect any signs in the printing, or paper of it being a bootleg, but rather to the contrary.

$444.00 PayPal