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2006 IMTT State Tournament Champion

2007 IMTT Points Champion 

2008 IMTT Trail Points Champion


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    Your guide, Robert Taylor, with a late fall 48.5" Illinois muskie

Elusive Dreams Guide Service provides a full service muskie fishing trip for experienced and novice fishermen. Specializing in Lake Evergreen muskie hunts and serving all Central Illinois muskie lakes with full and half day guide trips available. My goal is to provide you with up to date and seasonal patterns and methods to help you to become a more productive muskie angler.

Prior to your guide trip I will be in contact with you regarding the lake and date you would like to fish. We will cover scheduling issues and which Central Illinois lake is producing muskies at the time you wish to take your trip. Clients have the final say on which lake they would prefer to fish, my job is to inform you on which lakes are producing fish at that time.                                                                          

 Your day on the water will start at a pre-determined locati0n at an agreed upon time. You will be instructed on which baits we will be using and their proper presentation(s). Proper boat positioning in regards to  various lake structures will also be covered.

WHY MUSKIE GET BIG -- Journal Star - Peoria, IL

Ever wonder how muskie live long enough to reach 50 inches? To find out, biologists at Kinkaid Lake in southern Illinois radio tagged 15 toothy rascals of 49 inches or longer.  For almost two years they've tried to catch a tagged fish with no success, even though they can pinpoint the location of each muskie. "At one point (muskie guide Chad Cain) went out with a grad student and he told Chad where a 49- and 50-incher were," fish biologist Shawn Hirst said. "Chad threw (a lure) at them and they immediately went to the other side of the cove."  After the grad student relocated the fish, Cain cast at them again.  This time the muskie left the cove entirely. "They didn't get big by being stupid", Hirst said.