• Students learn to speak quickly and naturally
  • Classroom conversations are meaningful and student-centered
  • Target patterns and grammar are easily focused
  • Students learn Life-Long Language Learning Skills, so they continue to learn outside the classroom
  • Suitable for 2 to 40+ students, beginning to advanced

For the Students

  Conversational Fluency, the ability to interact in foreign language conversation, is the goal of the games and activities on this website. The activities on this website teach and practice the skills and conversation strategies needed to make a speaker competent in the naturally fast pace of conversation. The activities here also develop the student's ability to continue to learn outside the classroom, helping to make all students Life Long Learners.

For the Teacher

  The ConFluency games and activities on this website teach the skills and strategies needed to help students become conversationally fluent. The varied activities on this website give the teacher effective methods for teaching, practicing and testing these skills. The activities also challenge students to bring together what they’ve learned to speak and respond quickly in a foreign language conversation; they work as an on-going review. You'll also see how to focus student-centered conversations on desired structures and content.

The ConFluency Card Game

  ConFluency Card Set One begins with turn-taking. Turn-taking is natural to conversation and common to card games. Students respond naturally to the question and answer pattern used in Card Set One. Set One also begins teaching Life-Long Language Learning Skills. Card Set Two builds on the skills in Card Set One, and introduces patterns that allow the student to express opinions and ideas, and to agree and disagree. Card Set Three continues to build on the earlier patterns, and introduces a variety of conversation strategies that are common to everyday native speech.

More Activities -for teaching, practicing & testing

  There are activities included on this website that don’t use the ConFluency Cards, but that also teach the same important second language learning skills. These activities prepare the students for easy success with the card games and conversational fluency, and also give the teacher effective methods for teaching, practicing, and testing language skills. The activities and materials included here are by no means a complete arsenal of methods for the classroom; but their goals and structures should help the classroom teacher to understand what skills contribute to Life Long Learning and conversational fluency, and enable the teacher to better design classroom practices to help students attain these goals.

A Work in Progress -Help in the Development

  Like anything we do in the classroom, the ConFluency Card Game and activities will always be in development. Ideas from many different sources have contributed to what is presented here. Card Set Three especially is very flexible, allowing for language to be targeted according to the teacher's own inclinations, or for special purposes (such as business or debate). Recognizing these points, your inspiration and input are welcome and invited. An online card making program is in the works, so cards can be created online and printed, and archived for others to see and use. Visit the Ideas page for helpful hints and suggestions.  Or click on the Interact link in the sidebar to go to the Conversational Fluency forum.

Share Our Students' Success

  Using the ConFluency Card Games, students accomplished in the game spoke English as a foreign language in ways that demonstrated real conversational ability, while also using skills that will naturally allow the students to grow outside the classroom in their ability as foreign language speakers.

  May the materials and activities give you a way to help grow your students’ conversational fluency and life-long learning abilities.

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