Workshops December 2012

Trace Effects Introduction: December 4, Bogota

Activate E-teacher Workshops, December 5-7, Armenia

  1. Plenary: “Technology Tools Overview”
  2. Workshop: "Assessing writing and speaking with rubrics"
  3. Plenary “Creating effective presentations” Readings: Creating an Interactive PowerPoint Lesson for the ClassroomUO-TEP Presenting with PowerPoint
  4. Plenary “Trace Effects in the classroom: Using a computer game for motivation and language learning” 
  5. Workshop: "How do you know what worked? Simple classroom-based research techniques"
  6. Workshop: "Putting your best foot forward with graphics and formatting in Word"
  7. Plenary  “Trace Effects in the classroom: Graphic novel, exercises, and video options”
  8. Workshop: "Critical thinking with YouTube" 
  9. Workshop: "Improving listening and speaking skills with free technology resources" 

ELT Upgrade, December 10-12, Pereira

BNC Workshops, December 13-14, Manizales

Dr. Deborah Healey
AEI, University of Oregon
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