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By Viktor Zholudev


One of the main problems arising in the field of Solar-Terrestrial Physics is the solar wind velocity prediction using observations of the magnetic fields of the Sun.

Some old calculations are shown by Fig.1a (courtesy of L. Shukhova [3]). Starting point for realizing algorithms [1, 2] were daily WSO solar magnetograms (courtesy of T. Hoeksema).

 Fig.1 Solar wind velocity V, daily mean, a) observed 1, calculated 2 using algorithms of [1,2]. b) calculated 2 using linear regression equations on the first two principal components of the large-scale solar magnetic field [3, 11] with technique of multidimensional statistics.

Keeping in mind this question and preliminary findings of possible mechanisms (i.e. P1 and P2 above) of solar wind formation it would be interesting to investigate transverse magnetic fields being built using inverse problem solving technique. As resulting examples of such study in the next figures shown are several surfaces of the photospheric magnetic field built on various sets of their own eigenvectors.

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