El-Shaddai Charity Organization 


El-Shaddai Charity Organization (ESCO) is a registered non-government and non-profit organization established to implement social projects that benefit the impoverished community in Ethiopia. ESCO has implemented twelve water projects since its establishment. 
The living standard of the majority is beyond imagination. Poverty and disease are the main problems of the Ethiopian population. The supply of clean and safe water in Ethiopia is the lowest in Sub-Sharan African countries. Shortage of skilled labor in technical and vocational fields is a bottle neck for country’s development. ESCO wants to intervene on these areas to help alleviate these social problems.
ESCO will participate in the following areas to alliviate multifaceted problems of the society.
1. Implementing water projects
2. Providing life skill training
3. Opening demonstration center for integrated agricultural development
4. Supporting orphans, fatherless, widows, single mothers and elders



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