Point of Interest: Cuba

Cuba's Flag
Cuba's Physical Geography and Climate
  • Cuba is a tropical place..... Always hot and humid
  • Rainfall is abundant
  • They have many navigable ocean bays like
    the Bay of Santiago de Cuba, and the Bay of Havana
  • Cuba has very rich land
  • Crops- Coffee, Corn, Sugar, and Tobacco
  • Two Major Rivers- Cauto and Almendares
 Havana- largest populated city with 2.5 million residents
 Fidel Castro- Cuban Leader

 Early History
  •  Cuba is the largest of the Caribbean  islands
  • The island was founded by Christopher Columbus during his first voyage and claimed it for Spain
  • A series of rebellions failed to end spanish rule in the 19th century
  • These increased tension between U.S. and Spain and caused the Spanish-American War which led to Spanish withdraw in 1902
  • Cuba gained independence
 Map of Cuba

  •  Most of their influence is from Spain
  • Main Religions of Cuba are Roman Catholic and Santeria
  • Haitian Creole and Spanish are the main languages
  • 97% literacy rate
  •  Food mainly consists of some type of bean and/or rice. Also is popular for the Cuban Sandwich
 Cuban Sandwich