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GIMP Octave Plugin

This plugin provides a simple interface between GIMP and GNU Octave.
Means you can edit a picture from GIMP in the high level numerical language Octave:

Download elsamuko-gimp-octave.c and install it with:
$ gimptool-2.0 --install elsamuko-gimp-octave.c

You will find it then under Filters -> Mathematics -> GIMP Octave.
The input/output matrices and the Octave script are stored then in ~/.gimp-octave.

For more interesting examples, download and unzip the filter pack in ~/.gimp-octave.
The filter pack needs the octave-image package which should be available in your repository.
These are from here:

Søren Hauberg modified the plugin to a version with included terminal:

For example in this image the red layer has been fft-shifted by Octave (needs 5-6 secs for a 1MP image):

Update1: Some IO fixes, OctaveEmbedded and possibility of using S/W images.
Update2: README added, some cleanup and a more general makefile in the tar packet. Default Octave script can do backup files optionally.
Update3: Some internal fixes && clean-up.
Update4: Removed embedded version.

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