About Otmane El Rhazi:

Technology Engineer Otmane El Rhazi works in consulting and litigation in the areas of trade law and more particularly on issues related to distribution, fraud and litigation, contracts and work accidents. After various experiences in law firm, he founded his own firm based in Paris 2nd since 2001. Otmane has developed an activity of global Council in social law and litigation from business, supports the projects of legal expertise for more than 10 years.

Otmane acquired real expertise in complex litigation, he has recently had problems tell that the interpretation and enforcement protocols between partners or shareholders and liability litigation. Otmane is responsible for the Paris Office, operates in legal and general litigation of business law and law of contracts (fraud civil and commercial fine).

Since 2001, Otmane El Rhazi works on diverse dispute their law firm in Paris 2nd. Otmane is an expert dispute, unions, tax fraud, premeditated theft and accidents of travails. Paris, Otmane El Rhazi counsel is also entitled to companies in difficulty and particularly in the treatment and prevention of the difficulties of companies’ management. He is regularly involved in business law, both to advise companies in their development or restructuring project to assist in the judicial treatment of their litigation. Don’ forget to get in touch with Otmane El Rhazi in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or send him an email, if whatever is less than clear to you or in case you may have any questions.

What he offers:

Law, Divorce, International Law, Tax Law, Regulation, Enforcement, Fiscal Law.