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Who, and what we are...

The El Quito Neighborhood is comprised of over 650 homes, 2 city parks (El Quito, and Bellgrove), the Quito Village Shopping Center, Saratoga Office Center, a small number of private office buildings, three private schools, and two churches.  The neighborhood is located near abundant shopping and great restaurants. Banking, neighborhood restaurants, and dry-cleaning...all within an easy walk of each neighborhood home at the Quito Village Shopping Center!

With Saratoga essentially built out, El Quito has become Saratoga’s latest (and perhaps last) hotbed for extensive home remodeling and the construction of new upscale custom homes.  With existing homes situated on generous quarter acre lots, the neighborhood is seeing its first generation of modest mid-century housing, quickly replaced with upscale custom homes.  With its convenient proximity to shopping, major transportation routes, and Silicon Valley - the El Quito neighborhood is being rediscovered for what it has always been - a peaceful and quiet neighborhood, central to the best, but with the timeless luxury of large building lots, mature trees, hiking/biking and mountain wineries nearby, and perhaps most importantly - a warm sense of community. 

Annual "Trees For Free" Program

With hundreds of trees added to the neighborhood over the years, the El Quito Neighborhood Association has been extremely successful in the execution of the annual "Trees for Free" program.  The program has added a significant amount of trees to both our residential neighborhood, and our own El Quito Park. 


With the continuation of the annual program, we hope to offer the neighborhood a continuing program to nurture and grow our urban forest within our neighborhood.  For more information, and to see the wide variety of tree species that are offered through the program, please see our "Trees for Free" program web site

The trees in this program are premium nursery grade 15 gallon trees, and are planted and staked for you AT NO CHARGE by "Our City Forest"!  Improve your property value, help lower the summer ambient temperature of our community, and help reforest our neighborhood.  Please join us in improving our El Quito neighborhood by making it a tree-friendly, more beautiful community! 


Annual Mistletoe Trimming/Removal Project

Mistletoe, while often associated with holiday celebrations, can damage and sometimes kill infested trees.  The City of Saratoga in collaboration with the El Quito Neighborhood Association offeres a free annual mistletoe removal program for street trees.  Hundreds of infested trees have been pruned over the years, with a marked improvement to the overall health of our local urban forest.


If you have a mistletoe infestation in your street trees, please take advantage of this NO COST program to improve the health of your trees.  Removal of mistletoe also reduces the likelihood of additional infestations and the spread of the parasitic plant in our neighborhood. 


For additional information, please read an overview of mistletoe control measures by UC Davis.

THANK YOU to those who participated in these programs over the years - you have done a great service to your fellow residents by removing this harmful parasite!

El Quito Park Gets a Face Lift

June 2011


Saratoga's department of Public Works just completed the renovation of the north and west side of El Quito Park, adding over thirty new trees, new flower beds, new boulders, and reconditioned the pedestrian path.  The project was managed by Saratoga’s department of Public Works, working with Our City Forest to complete the physical planting, path renovation, and distribution of bark for ground cover.  


A wide assortment of drought tolerant trees and plants cultivars were selected and planted in the park to increase the park’s overall plant diversity.  Tree and plant selections were chosen to add arboretum-quality diversity and beauty to the park, attract and feed our local bird and butterfly populations, and to attract and nurture native pollinators.  Underutilized turf areas were removed around the perimeter to significantly reduce water, chemical, and fertilizer use in the area.


A special thanks to Kevin Meeks and John Cherbone of Saratoga’s Public Works department as well as Nick Masso, Rick De Paredes, and Sigi-Freda Juarez (pictured above), the volunteers and staff of Our City Forest, and the El Quito Neighborhood Association for a job well done!  

Stop by the park and check it out - it's BEAUTIFUL!


2011 El Quito Neighborhood "Trees for Free" Program Planting Day A Resounding Success!
March 2011
With a beautiful spring day as the back-drop, the El Quito neighborhood tree planting day started off with a kick-off event at El Quito Park.  With over 150 people in attendance, the honorable Howard Miller, mayor of Saratoga, greeted volunteers and neighbors to the kick off the event and congratulated everyone for all of the efforts that had led up to the tree planting day in our neighborhood.  Speakers included Council person Jill Hunter, Lori Ellingboe - El Quito Neighborhood Association president, Rhonda Berry - CEO Our City Forest, and Rev. Erik Swanson - Pastor of Westhope Church in Saratoga.
When the spring 2011 program is complete, we hope to have approximately 100 new trees added to our neighborhood!  An additional 30+ new trees will be added to El Quito Park later this spring (in a separate parks program initiative). 
The El Quito Neighborhood Association plans to offer future tree planting programs as revenue and planning resources are available.  If you are interested in participating or volunteering for future programs, please send an email message to elquitona@gmail.com stating your interests.  
We sincerely thank our volunteers, public officials, the Saratoga Department of Public Works, Our City Forest, and our El Quito residents who added trees to their properties to benefit our entire community.  WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT YOU - THANK YOU!
The 2011 "Trees for Free" program is closed, here are details of how our program worked...
  1. Pick up to 2-15 gallon trees from a list of over 30 varieties. (Tree List)
    -Videos to help you in your selection of a tree.
  2. Fill out and submit your "Street Tree Request Form" by February 11th to Our City Forest. (Form)
  3. Watch your new trees be planted at NO CHARGE TO YOU!
  • Street Tree Request Form
  • Select your Tree Variety
  • Important program dates
  • FAQ


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