Wiki Contributions

Short notes on wiki contributions...

As you are uploading your comments on the readings to the wiki, you will end up needing to put your contributions in two places. First, you will need to create the contribution on your own site and second edit the ELPS 710 website by adding your contribution there. Make sure that you add your contribution to the ELPS 710 website by creating a page under the correct heading for the discussion/topic; selecting the second option to make sure you don’t add the contribution to the top level of the directory structure.

 Stephanie McClay             Greg Miller   Rachelle Minutella
 Linda Ngarupe  Vivian Perez-Kennedy  Patricia Pernin

Dave Riddick Dilmit Singh  Erin Studer
La Sonja Temple  Jesus Vaca  Donna Zero
 Stephen Bluestein            
 Debbie Bohn      Donna Campbell
 William Chang      Valerie Codron      Terry Deloria
 Ellen Ededburn  Juliana Fabrocini  Drew Fountaine
 Brandon Gallagher  Timothy Guy  Joshua Klarin