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Research information on your school and its neighborhood using DataQuest., Zillow and other resources, Then complete the survey:

Survey 710 Summer 2009 | Results
Survey 514 Summer 2009 | Results

Median House Price: Find the median house price in the zip code ofyour school 

Academic Performance Index: API summarizes a school's, an LEA's, or the state's performance on the spring 2008 Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Program and 2008 California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE). It serves as the baseline score, or starting point, of performance. The API is on a scale of 200 to 1000. It is calculated from the performance of individual students on the following tests:
  • California English-Language Arts and Mathematics Standards Tests (CSTs in ELA and mathematics) - grades two through eleven
  • California Science Standards Test (CST in science) - grades five, eight, and nine through eleven
  • California Life Science Standards Test (CST in life science) - grade ten
  • California History-Social Science Standards Test (CST in history-social science) - grades eight through eleven
  • California Modified Assessment (CMA in ELA and mathematics) - grades three through five
  • California Modified Assessment (CMA in science) - grade five
  • California Alternate Performance Assessment (CAPA in ELA and mathematics) for students with the most severe cognitive disabilities - grades two through eleven
  • California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE in ELA and mathematics) - grade ten (and grades eleven and twelve if students retook either part of the CAHSEE and passed that part)
Statewide rank: This item is for school reports only. On the API Base reports, schools are ranked in ten categories of equal size, called deciles, from one (lowest) to ten (highest). A school's statewide rank compares that school to other schools of the same type in the entire state. The school types are elementary, middle, and high. Each decile contains 10 percent of all schools of that type. A school's statewide rank is the decile where that school's API Base falls compared with the Base APIs of the other schools statewide of the same school type. Special education schools and schools in the ASAM do not receive statewide ranks.

Similar Schools rank: In addition to statewide ranks, schools are ranked compared to 100 other schools with similar demographic characteristics.

Socioeconomically Disadvantaged
Student with Disabilities
English Learners

Average Parent Education Level

This item is the average of all parent educational level responses for a school where the following scale is used:

    * 1 = Not high school graduate
    * 2 = High school graduate
    * 3 = Some college
    * 4 = College graduate
    * 5 = Graduate school