Email Correspondence

Many of you have contributed to the wiki as requested in the previous email ( Some of you have noted some problems in editing your personal webpages, so I have added some additional clarification here ( under "complete your profile in your Google account". Please make sure your personal website is complete before class and that you have reviewed the literature as requested in the former email ( As you may know, we are holding online sessions in addition to the class time at CSUN. We are doing this to reduce the number of times you have to drive to CSUN as well as to provide experience with distance learning tools. Please complete the poll ( so we can identify the best times to schedule these events. I look forward to our first in-class session on Wed., June 10.Sincerely, Norm

Welcome to ELPS 710A.  My name is Norm Herr, and I am in the instructor for ELPS 710A.   The dates on which I will be teaching are specified on the summer 710-745 course website:
If you click on my name on  the dates I am teaching, it will take you to the website for ELPS710A, the portion of the class that I am teaching
Please read the following material and directions  in preparation for our first class session, which will be held on June 10
Please note that I am still developing the website and the curriculum, so there will be more information available as time goes on.
I look forward to working with you this summer,
Sincerely,  Norm Herr

Welcome to ELPS 710! My name is Dr. Herr, and I will be teaching 710A starting in two weeks. I will be sending you information about my portion of the class, including reading and various tasks. We will be working together to construct a Wiki (structured online, editable, hyperlinked database) regarding the concepts and content of 710A. This email is to inform you that you are invited as a collaboratot to the ELPS 710 Wiki. Your first task is to update your individual profiles, replacing the dummy text that I have provided with your own information, and replacing the sample photo I have provided with a similar sized photo of yourself. I will be sending you more in future correspondences, and will be providing relevant links and information. I look forward to working with you. Norm Herr
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